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TSE college football handicapping team goes 31-11 week # 9

TSE college football handicapping team goes 31-11 week # 9

TSE college football handicapping team went 31-11 this past week (week #9). We went 29-10 on posted picks on the site and 2-1 on newsletter exclusive picks. Each handicappers record for this past week is below. For a full game-by-game breakdown click here


TSE College Football Handicapping – Week # 9

GoSooners:  5-5

jimmyshivers: 7-2

Maggiore:  2-1

Pezgordo: 9-3

SabertStxVii: 7-0

Trentmoney: 1-0

Please check the site periodically throughout the week as we post our picks. I hope everyone else had a terrific week(end) and we look forward to hopefully repeating week #9’s efforts as often as possible throughout the remainder of this college football season.

Thanks for everyone’s support,

– Pez


11 Responses to “TSE college football handicapping team goes 31-11 week # 9”

  1. doug says:

    WOW Very good guys. Thanks for the help.

  2. John Weaver says:

    Great week !! Gotta work on the consensus picks(2-2).

  3. Tony says:

    Great job, fellas

  4. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    Thanks guys. John, overall consensus picks went 5-2 on the week. Clemson was a consensus pick before the newsletter came out (via Twitter) and Pitt -6.5 & UCLA +7 were consensus picks after the newsletter came out (via Twitter)

  5. doug says:

    I missed Both the twitter plays. Pex i did play a couple of your unders….lol
    I Love this site and i did have a Huge week! Thanks again
    Now conjour up Another once of those 25-6 weeks..

  6. doug says:

    Yes Pez it was Very good. I did capture 3 unders of Yours! I got lucky and missed a couple of the late dogs that was in the newsletter, but mananged to find ND +14 and under 51 for a bigger bet than usual. I did get out the broom for a 8-0 day
    That game may take more than its toll on the Sooners from this point forward. I did take Iowa St +12 as soon as i could.
    Texas may have also been exposed ??

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Great call on ND +14. I nearly took them at +13. Just didn’t see why OU was a DD fav. I did nearly throw my remote control through the TV after that garbage TD by Stills seemingly sent that game over 48.5. I guess a little luck is always good too. LOL!

  7. doug says:

    Pez yesLady Luck is Always good as sometimes one has to get Lucky to win vs the number as you well know.

  8. John Weaver says:

    Pez, no twitter. Sorry.

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      No problem John. What I can start doing besides Twitter updates, is I will also add any late consensus picks to the weekly summary that goes out Saturday morning.

      This will be especially helpful for those that like to follow Maggiore’s Big 10 picks. He usually gets those picks to me about 2 hours before (noon est) kickoffs.

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