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Newsletter Exclusive Picks 4-0 last 2 weeks – Sign up today!

Newsletter Exclusive Picks 4-0 last 2 weeks – Sign up today!

The last two weeks our newsletter exclusive picks have gone 4-0. We’ll have a few more newsletter selections this week including another pick from Trentmoney. Trent is 4-0 on the year and has a newsletter exclusive pick for this Friday’s game between Cincinnati and Louisville.


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Tip # 6: How important is the QB position in college football?

Tip # 7: Betting on college football road games


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8 Responses to “Newsletter Exclusive Picks 4-0 last 2 weeks – Sign up today!”

  1. doug says:

    I did sign up for the newletter. Do those selections come on saturday morning in the email??

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Doug, you must not have hit the confirmation link. I just signed you up w/ the email address you used in the comments.

      You should have a confirmation email there. Just click the link and you are all set.

      I should have today’s newsletter finished and sent out in the next 2-3 hours.

  2. GoldenClover says:

    I tried to sign up for the news letter as well. Thought I confirmed.

  3. doug says:

    Pez Thanks i did get the mail. Now all we gotta do is win em!
    Bol as always.

  4. tom says:

    yeah i have troble getting them also
    im to embarrased to say anything because of all the emails ive wriiten stating i dont get them i chalk it up to my age and not understanding 78 years young
    i dont know if i should be looking in email for them or on here
    but i know when i look for them on here i dont find them i found trent last week but not the other 3

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Tom, you are signed up now so you will be getting the newsletter every Friday. I usually send it out a little before 5 pm pst (8 pm est).

      If for whatever reason you don’t receive it this Friday by that time, just send me an email at and I’ll email it to you directly.

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