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TSE Featured Guest Handicapper Challenge

TSE Featured Guest Handicapper Challenge

Welcome to the very first Saturday Edge Featured Guest Handicapper Challenge. Over the past several weeks we have received several emails from our readers asking us if there were any opportunities to help contribute to our weekly selections and game analysis.

I believe one of the main attractions and advantages of The Saturday Edge over other college football handicapping sites and forums that are out there is our lack of clutter. Our readers do not have to search through hundreds of threads or numerous pages to find the information and picks they are looking for.

So our goal is to maintain this clutter free environment. However, we also want to get as much reader interaction, feedback and participation on the site as possible, especially with other really sharp and knowledgeable college football handicappers. So in an attempt to achieve both of the above mentioned goals, we are introducing our Featured Guest Handicapper Challenge.


Here is a quick synopsis of the challenge. Each week, as many college football handicappers that want to can submit 5 games ATS in the comments section below. On Sunday morning I’ll figure out which handicapper had the best record, and the following week that handicapper will be the featured guest handicapper on The Saturday Edge.

He  (or she?) can submit 5 selections with detailed analysis the following week. They can submit their bio, picture(s), website address, twitter address, email address, anything that is appropriate.

At the same time the challenge will be ongoing so there is a possibility that each week a different Guest Handicapper will be featured on the site.


Anyone can enter. Just place your 5 Best Picks ATS in the comments section below.

1. Each game must contain a projected final score (the final scores will be used to determine the winner in case of a tie).

2. If possible (but not a requirement), please give us a short write-up and analysis for each game.

3. There cannot be any duplicate cards. So if someone has already selected the 5 games in which you were going to play, you must change at least one of your sides/totals.

4. Please use current spreads and totals.

5. Please do not buy points. If the current spread is +2.5, do not use +3 (-120), etc.

That’s it for now. Let’s see how it goes and if need be we can always tweak things as we move along. Also, please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the concept.



44 Responses to “TSE Featured Guest Handicapper Challenge”

  1. Winston says:

    Oregon State +6
    Rutgers -7
    La Tech +8
    Duke +10
    Ol Miss -4.5


  2. Riley says:

    Rutgers -7
    Been on them all season, staying with them as a TD fav at home. Offense isn’t great but can move the ball enough to get points. Syracuse’s O is overrated because of a big game vs. NW & a weird weather-interrupted game against USC. Rutgers rolls 20-9

    Ole Miss -4.5
    Looking for their first SEC win of the year. Could have won last week. Won’t let another slip away. They win easily. Ole Miss 31-17

    Baylor -7
    Following a trend that paid off well for me last week (home teams off a bye). Baylor’s offense is strong; TCU is without a QB and had a problem keeping the ball last week against ISU. Baylor wins 38-24

    Pitt +3
    Louisville’s been sleepwalking against bad teams for the last couple weeks. Now they have to play a two faced team that beat VT by 18 at home but lost to Syracuse on the road. Pitt has played better at home and is in a spot where they are trying to prove they are a bowl team. Pitt 16-13

    ULM -24
    Still riding Monroe too. They’ve proved to be more than a fluke. Browning has the offense ticking; FAU giving up more than 500 yards a game. ULM blows them out: 45-13

  3. Tee says:

    Miami +8

    LSU -2.5

    W Va -3.5

    Alabama -21

    Arkansas -17.5

  4. Winston says:


    La Tech +8

    La Tech is one of the best home dogs in college football. The Aggies were gifted last weeks game against Ol Miss by several horrendous coaching calls by the Rebels. If they would have lost that game this line would be less than a touchdown and I wouldn’t be as certain. I like this to be a 47-40 type of game where both teams trade touchdowns. No one has stopped the La Tech offense this year and this game is literally their Super Bowl and national validation.

    Oregon State +6

    The Beavers get no respect, but because of HC Riley they are definitely a TEAM. Mannion going down is a bad thing but I believe their defense is good enough to keep this close or win this game. What did BYU score against Boise and Utah St? Combined 12 points. Who was the moron that went for the 2 point conversion against Boise St. Anyway? Been wondering about that call for weeks. BYU has a great defense however and the only way I see OSU blowing this game is giving the Cougars a short field via turnovers with new QB Paz.

    Ol Miss -6

    Auburn has a lousy offense, their D is stout (LSU) but you cannot win without scoring points. The Rebels should have won the A & M game (see above) and are vastly improved since the beatdown Texas put on them. I think Chizik has one foot out the door, he has had great recruiting classes and done nothing with them. Cam Newton and Dryer were one year gifts. 28-10 Ol Miss

    Rutgers -7 (buy the 1/2 point)

    When I saw this line I thought it was Christmas! Rutgers has one of the best D’s in all of College football. They play Baltimore Raven like football, control the clock, no turnovers and play D. This only works if you have the horses and they do. Syracruse scored 10 points against Minnesota on the road, enough info? Rutgers 31-14

    Duke + 10

    Duke is a basketball school and Virginia Tech is a football school. I am convinced this public perception is good for a touchdown in this spot. If you look at their stats and closed your eyes you see an evenly matched game. The Stanford blowout created this spread but Tech’s offense is a joke. Unless they run it down Duke’s throat (Which could happen) I see this as a tight game. 17-14 either way

  5. SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:

    Guys — make sure you put the final score to the game. It will be a tie breaker if there is (and there probably will be) a tie in record. Good stuff though, keep it coming.

  6. Cohron says:

    Wisconsin +2.5 @ Purdue
    Purdue was exposed last weekend. They couldn’t stop Michigan at all, and used three QBs while getting dismantled. Bielema gets an ugly win. UW 24 Purdue 20

    West Virginia -3.5 @ Texas Tech
    TT gave up 41 to Oklahoma, West Virginia could actually double that output. While that may be an exaggeration, I don’t see a scenario where the Red Raiders are able to keep up with WVU. WVU 52 TT 40

    Illinois +23.5 @ Michigan
    Illinois isn’t good, but Michigan will definitely be looking ahead to next week’s matchup against Michigan State. Denard and the seniors have never beaten the Spartans, so forgive them if they aren’t totally focused on the Fighting Illini.
    UM 35 Ill 20

    Washington +12.5 vs USC
    Kiffin takes his team to Seattle for the second time in his tenure and the weather looks very Seattle-ish, which isn’t good for guys used to LA weather. Add in that Sarkisian and Kiffin have history, and UW at least keeps it interesting.
    USC 31 UW 21

    LSU -2.5 vs South Carolina
    Pitiful offense be damned, I’m still a sucker (literally, possibly) for Death Valley at night. South Carolina looked great last weekend, but they still have Florida next weekend. Also, the last time LSU lost two games in a row, Barack Obama was just the President-elect.
    LSU 24 SC 20

  7. Kyle says:

    Baylor -7 (42-21)
    – Too much firepower for the Bears.

    Rutgers -7 (24-10)
    – I keep playing them and they keep winning me money.

    Ole Miss -6 (28-13)
    – Have watched their last few games and really like the way this team is playing. It’s a shame they lost last week.

    Colorado State +21.5 (35-17 New Mexico)
    – 21.5 points is too many points for a San Diego State team that isn’t all that great.

    New Mexico -3.5 (35-28)
    – This is more about Hawaii being awful than it is about New Mexico but give me the lobos to cover here.

  8. kiel says:

    Auburn +6

    Too many people on Ole Miss. They go from double digit dogs in their first two SEC games to a TD favorite? I’ll give the Tigers a shot here. Auburn 24-21

    Iowa +9.5

    Two good defenses, two poor offenses. I could see this one being close. MSU 24-17

    Florida State -28.5

    This game has blowout written all over it. Nole offense should have their way with a bad BC defense. FSU 48-10

    Tennessee +3

    The Vols have played competitively against a difficult schedule. Miss State has yet to play anyone. Vols in a close one 31-28

    South Carolina – LSU U 40

    Two of the very best defenses in the country. Both offenses are pedestrian and run oriented. LSU 20-17

  9. Sean Larsen says:

    Iowa +9
    Because I’m a fan and they play better as the underdog. Also, off a bye week with extra time for the coaching staff to prepare.
    MSU 24 IOWA 20

    Northwestern -3.5
    Tough loss last week for the Wildcats against an inspired PSU team and will look to spoil Minnesota’s homecoming. Gophers struggle offensively without Gray who will be limited again this weekend
    NW 31 MINN 17

    Mississippi -5.5
    Freeze has his team playing well with Auburn’s players looking forward to a coaching change already. Ole Miss should have won last week but will break their SEC winless streak this weekend at home.
    MISS 27 AUBURN 14

    UTSA +2.5
    It’s Rice’s homecoming and 100th birthday celebration but I give a huge coaching advantage to the Roadrunners. I’ll side with Coker in a small upset.
    UTSA 26 RICE 23

    UCF -16.5
    Central Florida is getting stronger every week and had extra time to rest and gameplan. Don’t usually like swallowing this many points but another home game equals another win against a really bad Southern Miss team.
    UCF 42 USM 17

  10. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    Thanks for all the picks and write-ups guys. A lot of good thoughts and opinions to read about. Ole Miss sure is getting a lot of love, everyone hating on Auburn this week. Kind of reminds me of Arkansas last week. HMMM!!!

  11. Richard says:

    Arizona State -22.5
    Texas A&M -8
    Florida -8
    UAB +15
    Kent State -2

  12. MoMoney says:

    W. Virginia (-3.5)
    Just to much Geno Smith here. TT put up some good numbers early in the season, but the opponents weren’t the greatest. Wins over: NWST, TEX St, NM, and Iowa St. Oklahoma put up 40 on the WV should be able to do at the the same.
    WV 45. TT 31.

    Wisconsin (+2.5)
    I think the better team is getting points here. This is going to be an ugly game, but I like the trend Wisconsin is on more than Purdue. I just don’t like how Purdue looked last week against Michigan.
    WISCONSIN 24. Purdue 21

    Alabama (-21)
    Alabama is just so much better than MIZZU. A loss to Vandy, a close win to UCF, and a 21 point loss to Georgia have me thinking they will not even be close in this game. Alabama would beat each team MIZZU lost to by 30 plus. Easy cover here.
    Alabama 42. MIZZU 14

    Florida (-7)
    I just don’t see how Vandy scores enough points here to keep it within a TD. Vandy will hang close early, but that running game a saw wear down LSU will prove to be too much. Florida pulls away late and continues its 4th quarter dominance.
    Florida 27. Vandy 14

    Kent St (-1)
    A win to a decent Ball St team under their belt and the fact that Army’s only win came against a terrible BC has me leaning to KS. Army got beat by 20 to Stony Brook, enough said!
    Kent St. 31. Army 24

    • MoMoney says:

      May I suggest that you give a certain site for everyone to get the line from? I know that you can get different lines at different places, but for the sake of something like this it might help if everyone was picking from the same line.

      Just a thought,

  13. Tribetimenow says:

    The week of the under.

    Iowa/Michigan State Under 40.5
    Two vanilla offenses who both want to run. MSU gives up 3 ypc, Iowa 3.22 ypc. MSU 23 Iowa 10

    Kansas State/Iowa State Under 47.5
    Two teams who love to run with below average passing offenses. Weather could be a factor. Iowa State 21 Kansas State 17

    Oregon State/BYU Under 37.5
    Is this an NFL under? #1 rushing defense (BYU) vs the #4 rushing defense (OSU). OSU starting QB out and Riley Nelson returns, which helps the under IMO. Oregon State 13 BYU 10.

    Stanford/Notre Dame Under 43.5
    Betting ND can’t exploit the Stanford secondary like Arizona did. ND 20 Stanford 14

    South Carolina/LSU Under 39.5
    Where are the points going to come from? Two elite defenses and I think LSU holds SC offense in check, but won’t score themselves. SC 17 LSU 13

  14. Brad Hanf says:

    ND/Stanford Under 44 – ND 20-16

    Vanderbilt (Team Total) Under 16.5 – Florida 28-10

    North Carolina -7.5 – North Carolina 45-28

    Washington +13 – USC 31-23

    Oregon St. +5.5 – Oregon St. 20-17

  15. Beano Hook says:

    Virginia Tech-10 vs. Duke (31-17)

    USC-13 @ Washington (49-24)

    LSU-2.5 vs. South Carolina (14-10)

    Miss. St. -3 vs. Tenn (35-27)

    Indiana+17.5 vs. Ohio St (28-17)

  16. Winston says:


    Ol Miss does look like a sucker bet but Auburn O is just BAD.


  17. Woolly Mammoth says:

    #201 New Mexico -3
    #119 Kent State -2.5
    #170 Notre Dame under 44
    #145 Air Force -3
    #141 Memphis +17.5

  18. Spencer L says:

    Rutgers (-7)

    Rutgers is an extremely balanced team. Their RB Jamison is a beast, and their QB Nova is an efficient passer. Look for them to establish the run to set up play action. The Rutgers defense is also talented, and their secondary is disciplined. Look for them to jump some routes against this Syracuse “pass-happy” offense. I like the Scarlet Knights at home against a Syracuse team that has a tendency to struggle on the road.
    Rutgers 28 Syracuse 17

    West Virginia (-4)

    As we saw last week, Texas Tech does not like to blitz, and when they do it is usually not effective. They couldn’t get Landry Jones and the OU spread attack off the field on third down. I look for WVU’s red hot QB, Geno Smith, and his “air-raid” attack to have similar success this week. If that holds true, Doege and the Red Raiders will not be able to keep up with them on the scoreboard.
    West Virginia 48 Texas Tech 35

    Oregon State (+6)

    Even though OSU’s starting QB Mannion will not play, I still like the Beavers in this game that is likely to be a defensive struggle. I think OSU has more weapons and talent on offense, and their backup QB, Cody Vaz is a fourth year junior that was actually listed ahead of Mannion at the beginning of the 2010 season. On the other side, a banged up Riley Nelson will take over as BYU’s QB after struggling early in the season. BYU’s kicking game is also very shaky right now, which may be a difference maker in a tight, defensive battle.
    Oregon State 23 BYU 17

    Northwestern (-3.5)

    Minnesota usually plays well at home, and the Gophers are coming off a bye week. I still like Northwestern here, due in large part to a huge advantage at the line of scrimmage. The Gophers defensive front seven is very small, and they gave up 7.3ypc to Iowa in their last game. Look for the versatile QB Colter and their leading rusher, Mark, to get going with the zone read.
    Northwestern 27 Minnesota 17

    Louisiana Tech (+8)

    This postponed game comes at a bad time for Texas A&M. They just came off a tough SEC road battle at Ole Miss, and they will be facing heavyweight LSU next week. This is a classic non-conference sandwich game for A&M, and they have to play it on the road against a LTU team that will hit them with everything they have. Louisiana Tech is looking to make a statement that they can hang with the big dogs. Louisiana Tech’s defense is questionable, but I think the A&M secondary has a lot of holes in it as well. Look for a lot of yardage gained by both sides in this one.
    Louisiana Tech 38 Texas A&M 37

  19. Bryan says:

    West Virginia -4 (WV wins 37-31)
    Too much offense for West Virgina. On the road in Lubbock is no problem for the Mountaineers in this one.

    Miami +7.5 (UNC wins 17-14)
    Really surprising what has happened in the college football landscape that Miami would be more than a touchdown underdogs at home. That’s too much. The U can at least keep it that close.

    Wisconsin +2 (Wisconsin wins 37-21)
    Wisconsin is having a down year, but this is an overreaction. They are still a better team than Purdue and will be able to outscore them in the 4th quarter.

    Minnesota +3.5 (MN wins 27-20)
    It’s homecoming in the Twin Cities, and there will be magic at TCF Bank Stadium early Saturday morning.

    Duke +10 (VT wins 21-20)
    Duke is a much improved and probably not getting the respect they deserve. They out to be able to at least hang, and will have a long shot at winning outright.

  20. Snow says:

    Wow. A lot of entries. I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring before we get started today. I’m on a lot of games, just took five at random. These lines are where I got them, mostly mid week.

    South Carolina ML
    If SC doesn’t do anything stupid and the team managed to not let last week’s blowout blow their heads up, this game is theirs for the taking. Mettenberger still struggling to get the offense going plus SC’s strong running attack puts the time of Poisson stat clearly in SC’s favor. LSU has been relatively tough on D, but again if Lattimore is picking up 4 ypc they’ll be able to spread the field and keep LSU guessing. At less than a field goal spread I’ll take the ML on a dog pick unless I really think it’ll be a last possession type game. I don’t see that here.

    West Virginia -4
    Yes, WV doesn’t have the best D. But as they’ve proven this year they’re more than happy to shoot it out. At less than a TD I’m hitting it outside of them playing Oregon or Bama.

    Kansas State -7
    I know people are talking up ISU’s D, making them a popular dog pick this week. The line has been back and forth between 6-7 all week. I’m not buying it. I’m ignoring the intangibles on this pick (mainly coming off the Kansas game, which admittedly could bite me here) and sticking with the stats.

    Alabama -21
    I don’t think this game needs any analysis. Bama wins big here.

    Ole Miss -4.5
    I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Haha. Been on these guys the last few weeks. Losing that game last week is just going to have these guys extra fired up, whereas I feel like Auburn’s loss last week is having the opposite effect. Freeze clearly has his team motivated and doing a lot of things right. They’re getting better as the year goes on. As long as they continue to limit the turnovers this one could get away from Auburn.

  21. Will C says:

    Alabama -21.5 -Alabama 41-6

    Wisconsin +1 -Wisconsin 23-21

    Texas +3.5 – Texas 31-28

    LSU -2.5 – LSU 17-13

    Oregon St. +6 BYU 20-17

  22. Tim H says:

    Oregon State +7
    BYU will be lucky to score more than 7… Oregon St 24 BYU 17

    Maryland +1.5
    Big on the terps…better defensive team…Maryland 30 UVA 28

    Wvu -4
    TTech has the intangibles edge but nothing else. Geno goes crazy again 52-35 ‘Neers

    ND -7
    ND runs the ball effectively enough to create decent play action plays for EG and ND D gives up points, but gets a Defensive score to secure game 28-20 Fighting Irish

    New Mexico -3
    Hawaii looks discombulated and Norms Chows players aren’t picking up his GP. NM is improving and should be able to out score this mistake prone Hawaii team. 34-27 NM

  23. Winston says:


    Good morning,

    Duke was up 20-0 and then starting taking to many 3’s, besides that game I had an 80% weekend and I was real lucky on ND -6. (bought a point in a parlay with Oregon St) and Rutgers 7 1/2. New Mexico was the absolute no brainer of the season. Hawaii is just bad, very bad……and Bob Davie has learned from his mistakes at ND and has his youngsters drinking the kool aid and believing. They have covered 4 weeks in a row. ASU-Oregon next Thursday,,,, see the line as Oregon -6, but who knows! Anything over a touchdown and I am on the Sun Devils! PS… LSU is not going anywhere with Mettenberger at QB, he looks like a deer in headlights! Even Les Miles is kicking field goals most of the time on 4th down instead of going for the TD. That tells you everything you need to know!!!!! Good Luck in week 8!!!


    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Excellent job Winston. You had some great picks last week. I added Oregon State, so I was happy about that. I still ended up more or less even on the week …. again. UGH!

  24. Winston says:

    Arizona State opened at +10 1/2, I am on the Sun Devils big time. I bet it comes down to 8 or 9.


  25. Winston says:


    I got it at +10 also. Was thinking about ML but like the 10+.


  26. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    And the winner is ……….

    Let me first thank everyone for participating in the Guest Handicapper Challenge. One of the main goals of The Saturday Edge is to gather as much information and insight on as many teams and games as possible and then to share that knowledge with everyone who reads and writes for the site. I believe everyone did a great job with that and I hope you all continue to share your weekly thoughts and picks with us.

    And now for the winner ………. We had a three way tie between Winston, MoMoney and Spencer L. They each went 4-1 for the weekend.

    Now I am not 100% sure I am doing the tie-breaker correctly, but let me tell everyone what I did and then you all can agree or disagree with my methodology.

    Since each guy had one loss I figured I’d drop that game/final score projection from the list. For the other 4 games I took the actual final score difference and subtracted it from their projected final score difference to come up with a number for each game.

    For example MoMoney projected his final scores as follows:

    WISCONSIN 24. Purdue 21
    Alabama 42. MIZZU 14
    Florida 27. Vandy 14
    Kent St. 31. Army 24

    What I did was take the actual final score and subtract that difference from his projected difference. So MoMoney’s numbers were as follows:

    Wisconsin – Purdue actual score difference (24) minus MoMoney’s projected score difference (3) = 21, etc.

    MoMoney’s score differences were: 21, 4, 1, 7 = 33

    Spencer L’s were as follows: 3, 12, 2, 3 = 20

    Winston’s numbers were: 5, 3, 9 ….. unfortunately Winston didn’t predict a final score for the Oregon State game.

    So based on the way I did things it would appear that Spencer L is the winner. Does everyone agree with my methodology? If not please explain why.

    Thanks again everyone.

  27. Winston says:


    Those rules about the final score were not posted until after I put my picks up. I said BYU-Oregon State would be a “close game or Oregon State might win straight up” even if we assume BYU wins by 3 (they won by 18) I don’t understand your logic. (I am after all an attorney, hah!) so you should add 15 points to my total using your own method. This is purely an ego thing so don’t worry about it. It’s really my fault for betting on a bunch of slow Caucasian guys (Duke) against a perennial national power with 4 and 5 star recruits (Va Tech). But I am also a very competitive dude.


    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:


      I never “updated” the article, so all the requirements were posted when I originally published it. However, I do understand your grievance.

      I just want to find the best way for us to move forward and to make sure we avoid this in the future. I thought of a few ideas and listed them below. Let me know what you think.

  28. Winston says:


    ASU will beat Oregon straight up. Take it to the bank.


  29. MoMoney says:

    I am good with what you did. Being one of the guys tied I have no issue with your thinking here. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way to settle ties. Like you mentioned in your post, the biggest benefit here is seeing what others are thinking on different games to help each of us make the best possible play for our own final picks.

    Have you thought about keeping some form of a season long total for the “best handicapper”? Might be kind of fun to see how your readers are doing for the season and not just for one week, just a thought.

    Keep up the great work! You guys have helped me go 15-5 the last two weeks since I started reading your stuff. You have really helped turn my year around. Do you mind sharing where you place most of your bets, like which sites?

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Thanks MoMoney. I listed a few more thoughts below on how we might be able to best solve this, and how we possibly can better settle ties in the future.

      And thanks for the excellent idea about keeping a season long total for the “best handicapper(s).” Having fun and sharing great capping info (and picks) is what the site is all about. I think we can do something like you suggest. I will put something together for this week and we can go from there.

      I place my wagers at the following sites: Bookmaker, Heritage, 5Dimes and BetOnline. Back in the day I had over a dozen accounts (Pinnacle, The Greek and Matchbook were awesome sites). Sadly those days are gone.

      • MoMoney says:

        Thanks for the info. Unfortunately those of us who live in Washington State can not make deposits in any of those sites. I still can’t find a place to make wagers being from Wash. St. I guess I will just have to settle for taking my buddies money instead.

  30. Winston says:


    The infamous Gold Sheet was 1-11 ATS yesterday and I had to laugh. 1-11!!! I was already on SD as the “Peyton” factor is worth 4 points in this spread which is now pick em’. Manning has always struggled agains SD historically and for the game to be a pick I feel very stronly about the Chargers. Also, got ASU for Thursday night at -10 and I see it is already down to 9. Bet it will settle at 7 1/2 or so.


  31. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    Guys, the last thing I want to do is create any controversy and/or bad feelings. As I originally stated we can tweak things as we move along, nothing is set in stone.

    I must admit I had not thought enough about the tie-breaker process, and now we seem to have a little dissent. Which is OK, we just need to find the best way to resolve it.

    Since the tie-breaker process was not specifically stated, a possible alternative is to have MoMoney, Winston and Spencer L “share” this coming weeks Guest Post. The more thoughts and ideas we generate, the better.

    However, for the future we need to agree on either a better tie-breaker process, or agree that the way I did it is the way we are going to do it moving forward.

    One thought I had was that instead of picking the score for all 5 games, we could either:

    1. Pick the score for one game. It can be any game you want, and then we use the process I spelled out above (the final score minus your projected final score), or

    2. I pick a “Marque” game of the week, like for example last week, South Carolina v LSU and you predict the final score. This game would be separate from the 5 games you selected, in fact you wouldn’t even have to select the winning team, just predict the final score.

    Let me know what you all think is the best way to resolve last weeks winner …. either Spencer L won or all three “winners’ share this week Guest Post.



  32. Winston says:


    No problem, am good whatever. Just mad at myself I didn’t post a OSU win over BYU after I later saw the rules which were not up originally. I bet ASU also at 14 1/2 -190 with a bunch of parlays this weekend. I really have confidence in the Sun Devil defense. I also like A & M plus whatever the number is on Saturday a ton. People think because La Tech scored so many points on them that their defense is suspect. La Tech has a great offense and has scored a ton on everybody, LSU has a good defense but like I have previously posted their QB Mettenberger is an immovable object and not the running kind of QB you need in this day of college football. A & M just ran out of gas against Florida and hopefully they will be there this week in the 4th quarter. I noticed the public is all over LSU today and I like that.


  33. Winston says:


    Back to my other job but thinking about college football week 8. Between Duke and the SD Chargers I am not sure which one was more painful to watch. The only good thing was I was playing with house money on both games. In my estimation Five Dimes is the best offshore book out there. Professional, pay right away and they give you the opportunity to buy points up or down in games. I had ND -6 last week after buying a point.

    Arizona State + 10

    Now at +9, I live in the northwest and see the Ducks every week, they are a very good team but they have not played a fast and physical team like ASU on the road this year. The last two years have been Duck victories by 14 and 11 points respectively and the talent differential was much larger then. Remember, QB Mariota is a freshman and has not been in this kind of environment as of yet, we will see how he responds. The O/U is 69 and I also like the under, both teams have top 20 defenses.

    Like Northwestern + 5 and Texas A & M + 3 1/2 on Saturday as my 1A and 1B picks, talk later. Let’s hope my five week run continues.


    Three games that I like at first glance and have already got in on this AM,

  34. Winston says:

    Final Point,

    ASU is 2-0 ATL vs. Oregon the last two years. Some teams are intimidated from the opening whistle against the Oregon speed and hype but I do not believe that is the case with the Sun Devils. LOve the under! Really? 69?


  35. Winston says:


    If you are gonna lose, you might as well get blown out (LOL).

    The wounded Sun Devil, bad way to start the week.


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