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GoSooners Week #7 College Football Picks

GoSooners Week #7 College Football Picks

GoSooners Week #7 College Football Picks

Last Week: 3-3-1
Season 22-19-1


Texas +3.5 (hook) over OU ***

Wisconsin +3 (-115) over Purdue **

Iowa State +7 (-115) over Kansas State ***

UAB (+14) over Houston **

Florida (-8) over Vandy **

Auburn/Ole Miss (Under 48.5) **

Pitt +3.5 (hook) over Louisville **

Colorado (+22) over Arizona State **

Florida State (-27.5) over Boston College **

Texas A&M -8 (-120) over La Tech **



Colorado (+22) over ASU **

This is more a play against ASU than a play on CSU. I’m hoping for a little over confidence on ASU’s part coming into this game, along with being in a major lookahead spot with Oregon on board the next week. And not a full week from now, but next Thursday.I’ve stated before that Colorado has gotten what they paid for in getting an inexperienced head coach. But if he and his staff can’t come up with a decent gameplan in the two weeks they’ve had off to at least keep them within the pointspread, they really are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this guy. Hopefully a rested CU team keeps this within the money.


Texas (+3.5) over OU ***

The story of this game in the Stoops/Brown era is the team who rushes the ball the best in this game wins it. Right now I think Texas is just a little ahead of OU. Because of their quirk in scheduling in which OU has had two bye weeks in the first month of the season, OU has been a little behind the 8 ball, and haven’t really been able to play themselves into shape. We are in mid october, and this is the first time that OU has played two BCS conference teams in back to back games. The Sooners should be sharper this week, but I still don’t think the OL has come together enough for them to be able to outrush Texas. Despite their win over TT last week, OU still had just 125 yards rushing. You can count on Texas having at least that many yards, and probably much more. Also the team who commits the fewest turovers in this game has won every season except one in the Stoops/Brown era. Right now Texas stands at +7 and OU at -1 in TO margin on the season. Unlike last year in which Texas turned the ball over 5 times in this game, this year with a more seasoned QB and the second year of their offensive system, they are taking care of the ball better. Which also leads me to believe they have a good chance of at least covering this game, if not winning it outright. My feeling about the Sooners right now is they are a little behind in their development, but are going to get better each week. By the end of the season when they play WV, I think OU has a very good chance of winning that game. I might be wrong, but for now I don’t think OU is quite ready to show us what they are capable of when they have all of their pieces together.. So Im taking the points..

8 Responses to “GoSooners Week #7 College Football Picks”

  1. Jon Breese says:

    Good luck this week, thanks for the early play heads up

  2. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Thanks Jon. BOL to you this week

  3. Doug says:

    BOL as Always and i do enjoy this site.

  4. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Thanks Doug. And BOL to you this week.

  5. SpartanDawg says:

    ISU +6.5
    LSU -2.5
    FL St -27.5
    Texas Tech +3.5
    Illinois +23.5

  6. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Good looking card Spartan. I like FSU. I’m also kind of liking the under in that game too. I’m betting BC won’t score more than 7. I can easily see a 42-7 type of game. BOL

  7. Doug says:

    Colorado +23.5
    Alabama -21
    Arkanas -17
    South Carolina +3

  8. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Doug, I initially liked Kent State over Army. But Army is the running dogs in that game, so I’m leaving it alone. With the exception of maybe Arkansas, i can see every one of the games you listed going under the total. Bama will probably win with a final score somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-7. With two weeks for Saban to prepare, I don’t see Mizzou being able to do much offensively in that game. Especially with their QB situation. But Mizzou is a little better defensively than people think. So I don’t see Bama running up a big score here like they did at Arkansas. BOL this week.


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