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TSE College Football Picks – Week # 4 Summary

TSE College Football Picks – Week # 4 Summary

Here are all The Saturday Edge cappers college football picks for week # 4 summarized in one place. Please click on any cappers name for their weekly thread and more detailed information.



Clemson +14.5 (-120) over Florida State – WINNER
Michigan +6  (-120) over Notre Dame – LOSER
Utah +7  over Arizona State – LOSER
Illinois -2.5  over La Tech – LOSER
Colorado State  +13  over Utah State – WINNER
Miami – Georgia Tech  Under 62  – LOSER
UNLV  +10.5  over Air Force – WINNER
Virginia +18 over TCU – LOSER


Florida St Seminoles -14.5 (-103) – LOSER
Virginia Cavaliers +17.5 (-108) – LOSER
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -15 (-101) – LOSER
Duke / Memphis Over 62 (-110) – LOSER
West Virginia / Maryland 1h Under 31 (-110) – LOSER
North Carolina TT Over 40.5 (-110) – LOSER
3 Team ML Parlay -113 (Wake Forest, Florida St, Georgia Tech) – LOSER


Maggiore had a family emergency this week and was unable to handicap any games this week. He wishes everyone good luck and will be back next week with his Big 10 selections.


Arizona +24 – LOSER
Vanderbilt – Georgia U 55 – WINNER
Virginia +17.5 – LOSER
Illinois -3 (-105) – LOSER
Clemson – Florida State U 57 – LOSER
Missouri – South Carolina U 48.5 – WINNER
Maryland +26 – WINNER
Colorado State +13 – WINNER
Utah – ASU U 50 – WINNER
Miami – Georgia Tech U 62.5 – LOSER
Auburn +21 (-118) – WINNER
Michigan +6 – LOSER


BYU +7 vs. Boise State – WINNER
Ole Miss -17.5 vs Tulane – WINNER
Ga Tech -14 vs Miami – LOSER
Baylor -7 vs UL Monroe – LOSER
UGA -16 vs Vandy – WINNER
La Tech +3 vs Illi – WINNER
Wake -7 vs Army – WINNER


7 Responses to “TSE College Football Picks – Week # 4 Summary”

  1. Doug says:

    BOL to ALL of you guys with your cards.

  2. Doc says:

    Sabert –

    Great pick and write up on the Ole’ Miss game. I never woulda looked at that game w/out your write up.

    To everyone, keep the heads up, I appreciate the picks and all the work you guys put in!

  3. Doug says:

    Ouch ! 14-20 for the team.? What a BAD beat for many that had Nichigan and Virgina!

    • jimmyshivers jimmyshivers says:

      Really hurt that I put up an 0-7 yesterday, otherwise the team had a winning record. Obviously UVA was a big one to lose as we had it 3x I knew after that brutal loss in the TCU game that it would probably be a tough day but that was just brutal. NC TT Over, Duke over and GT -15 were all the wrong sides but I felt like the rest were coinflips that just didnt go my way. GoSooners bounced back from an 0-6 to go 7-0, so no pressure, right?

  4. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Jimmy, I know you can bring it back. I went 0-6 in the first week. So I know the feeling. This was just one of those weeks where there were funny bounces and turnovers along with some other bad beats. Like Gary Patterson wanting to impress the donors of his new stadium by going out of his way to get a cover. Only 3 points seperated a winning and losing weekend for me. Football is a game of inches. Especially the deeper we get into the season and the tighter the lines get.

    • Terry says:

      I agree. The Virginia game was a terribly bad beat. Had you guys covered that you’re 17-17. If Michigan would stop trying to make Denard into a pocket passer, that game is also a winner and now you are 19-15. Like you said a game of inches.

      I personally went 5-3 with all your selections as I picked the ones that I liked best. Obviously 2 of the 3 I lost were Virginia and Michigan, so I think I was only 2 plays away from going 7-1.

      You guys provide great information and game analysis. You are not going to win every week, but please keep doing what you are doing.

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