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Razors NHL 02/09/2018 (76-72 +1.40 units)

Razors NHL 02/09/2018  (76-72  +1.40 units)


It has been well showcased, that the New York Rangers are folding it in for the season. If you don’t know what I am talking about. The Rangers released a statement following Wednesday’s blowout loss to the Bruins, saying that the team is intending on a full rebuild.

However, I’m not buying it. In the scheme of things, the Rangers may be looking to rebuild, but I doubt the statement was made to discourage the players from trying at home tonight. Lundqvist will not allow it. There is every reason for the Rangers to put a Friday Night show together in front of their fans, as they are still a fast team facing one coming into a back to back situation. There is also every reason for the Calgary Flames to subconsciously take the Rangers lightly today too after that statement.

Rangers moneyline +110 1*



The Los Angeles Kings will be flying three time zones over to Florida to face the Panthers, who appear to be in a bit of a groove.

Florida has won four straight, and have been playing a very responsible style which has led to three of them being low scoring games. With the jetlag factor and the Kings already defensive nature, I don’t see either team trying to push the envelope tonight. Factor in that this is an interconference matchup, and they will gladly play for overtime need being.

UNDER 5.5 -120 2*




The Vancouver Canucks are starting to plummet, with three straight losses to Florida teams…but the Hurricanes are not really any better at the moment, also dropping three straight home games themselves.

Apart from the Canucks coming into game two of a back to back, there is absolutely no reason for the Hurricanes to be favored by this much. Carolina has a (probably more important) game tomorrow against the Avalanche. This is a very good value bet on the Canucks.

Canucks moneyline +180 1*

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