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Razor NHL 01/10/2017 (YTD 47-44 +10.50 units)

Razor NHL 01/10/2017  (YTD 47-44 +10.50 units)

Senators/Maple Leafs:

Today will be the last game for these two teams before heading off to their bye weeks. What better way than the Battle of Ontario?

First off, there are important features of these storylines that we must discuss. The more obvious would be Ottawa’s 8-2 loss at home versus the Blackhawks last night. The game was looking very even until a series of mishaps in the second period that resulted in five Blackhawks goals. While both goalies played awful, this was also a product of mental lapses and laziness throughout the lineup. One could make an argument that the Senators had their eyes set on tonight’s matchup in Toronto, but that is no excuse for their poor defensive effort. The Senators took part in a morning skate today, so best believe that they are looking to finish the first half at least on a respectable note. With Bobby Ryan back out of the lineup, the Senators will be more likely to lean on a defensive effort in game two of the back to back.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been known for a very potent offense these days, but their shooting percentages are dropping dramatically, as they have averaged just two goals per game in their past six despite maintaining high shot counts. Called it a slump if you may, but I feel that Mike Babcock is just making sure that his team is more defensive minded. Going into the Bye week, expect a complete effort on both ends of the ice tonight for both teams. This will usually result in a neutral zone game.

UNDER 6 -110 3*



The Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks are both coming into game twos of back to back situations, and both have different stories coming into tonight.

Chicago is coming off an 8-2 win in Ottawa, where a large part of the goal explosion happened in the second period. Minnesota is coming off a rare home 3-2 loss to Calgary, and will continue to be without Nino again shortly after his return.

With CORSI percentages on both ends of the spectrum with these two, this game has a very predictable approach. The Blackhawks, coming off a high energy game and travel, will look to use their puck management skills to their advantage. Expect them to play for an early goal and then sit on the lead as much as they can. The Wild will be looking to continue their tape to tape system, but will likely be forced to take shots from the outside, as Chicago is good at rebound control. All in all, I expect this to be a dump and chase type of game by Minny, and a very opportunistic type of game by Chicago.

UNDER 5.5 -105 1*

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