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SabertStxVii BCS Title Future #1: Georgia Bulldogs

SabertStxVii BCS Title Future #1: Georgia Bulldogs

What are the Georgia Bulldogs chances of winning the BCS National Title this season? When analyzing Future odds, there are a few things that need to be considered, especially with college football.

The first thing I look at is schedule. You always have to assume the BCS is going too royally (enter expletive you use to describe the BCS) things up. You have to analyze the chances of a team going undefeated, and if not, the chances they can still make it to 1 or 2 in the polls with 1 loss. This typically requires a loss early in the schedule to a very good opponent. Lets look at how the Georgia Bulldogs  stacks up this season.

Georgia Bulldogs Offense

The next thing I look at is returning QB. When you play college football, a returning QB makes the world of difference. You have to think about things outside of football. They understand the pressures of their students and classmates that they deal with in the classroom and walking around campus. They understand how to balance their playbook and classes (those that take them). They know how to lead the team and that can influence a team from winning one of the close early games, or losing. Georgia has Aaron Murray.

On offense, Georgia returns QB Aaron Murray as well as five other offensive players, two being offensive lineman. This is going to be Murray’s 3rd season, and he is the leader of the Bulldogs. Last year he passed for 3100+ yards and 35 touchdowns. Last year Georgia allowed 2.36 sacks per game, ranking them 85th in the country. It becomes a little bit more understandable when you see that they played: Boise State, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, Miss St. and LSU.

Georgia Bulldogs

This year, the offensive line should be much better, giving Murray more time to find good receivers. The Georgia Bulldog receivers are super talented, with 8 receivers returning that had a reception in 2011.

Because of this talent in the passing game, Georgia’s running game should open up. Even after losing Crowell, they have a deep core of RB that should take advantage of Murray widening the playing field. I have heard good things from Georgia camp, and they should have an ample amount of RBs to pound the rock.

So worst case scenario, I think their offense is as good as they were last year. I have many reasons to believe that it will be better though.

Georgia Bulldogs Defense

Their defense last year only allowed about 20 points per game. They also return 9 starters. I was almost going to mimic what Pezgordo said about Georgia’s defense which you can read here.

This defense is going to be the real deal. I thought that I would never, EVER see a defense that rivaled Alabama’s defense last year. I think this one will (as soon as suspended secondary players return). As I analyze the schedule, I don’t see too many teams that will put over 20 points on them, if any.

A look at the Georgia Bulldogs schedule

Week 1: Buffalo

This game is a no brainer. Buffalo may score 3 points, if they’re lucky. 1 win 0 losses.

Week 2: at Missouri

First real challenge of the season for the Georgia Bulldogs. This will be Missouri’s first game in the SEC, and they just won’t be ready. Georgia is too good on defense. It may be close, but Georgia takes this one probably by close to double digits. 2 wins, 0 losses.

Week 3: Florida Atlantic

Please. 3 wins, 0 losses.

Week 4: Vanderbilt

Game is at home, Georgia will be 3-0 after this one. Vandy just won’t be able to hang. Murray will sling it all over. 4 wins, 0 losses.

Week 5: Tennessee

I think Tennessee will surprise people this year. Once again, this game is at home. Tennessee won’t have the firepower to stay in this one either. 5 wins, 0 losses.

Week 6: at South Carolina

This is the first game I believe could go either way for Georgia. SC will have a good offense, with Lattimore leading the way. Last year I was on SC, this year I am on Georgia. I think Murray will be able to take advantage of SC’s secondary as long as the OL holds up. SC lost 5 defensive starters and Alshon Jeffrey on offense. I think Georgia takes this one by a FG. 6 wins, 0 losses (toss-up game).

Week 8: at Kentucky

7 wins, 0 losses.

Week 9: Florida

Game in Jacksonville. Georgia’s defense is too good for Florida’s offense with a new QB. May be close, but Georgia pulls it out.  8 wins, 0 losses.

Week 10: Ole Miss

As Chad Johnson says, “C’mon son!!!!” Ole Miss may have bit of a bounce back year this year with Hugh Freeze at the helm (at least more than people think) but there is zero chance they steal this one. They definitely will not steal this one from Georgia, at Georgia. I will possibly look at playing Ole Miss on this one. Spread will be huge and people will think Ole Miss is going to get crushed. Georgia will be coming off of big Florida game, and has Auburn the next week. 9 wins, 0 losses.

Week 11: at Auburn

This one is going to be rough. A lot of the future sits on this game I think. At Auburn is tough. I think Georgia comes into this one ranked top 3 in the nation. This will be Auburn’s 3rd home game in a row, but I think they could possibly be 6-3 at this point. Auburn returns 7 offensive starters, including a QB, and 9 defensive. Big upset spot for Georgia. I think Murray will be on another level, and will be a game changer. There won’t be a better defense in the NCAA than Georgia this year. 10 wins, 0 losses.

Week 12: Georgia Southern

Depending on this Georgia Southern team, I’d possibly play them as well here. No chance they win, but Georgia will be Top 3 in the country if they do as I assume, and coming off Auburn, with instate foe Georgia Tech next week, they will just want to get through this game. 11 wins, 0 losses.

Week 13: Georgia Tech

Game at home, should know if they’re going to SEC Championship already. Won’t want to lose this game. I think they’ll win it. 12 wins, 0 losses.

SEC Championship GameGeorgia Bulldogs

Presumably against LSU or Alabama (one of these teams will have a loss already, since they play each other on November 3rd). Need a win, or depending on where the standings are, a VERY close game.

National Championship

USC, Oklahoma/Texas is my bet. SEC vs. None SEC. We all know how this goes.

Final Analysis

So things will be interesting for the Georgia Bulldogs. Let’s assume they lose a game in the season, to Missouri, SC or Auburn. They will still most likely be in the SEC Championship game, and a win over the SEC West Champ, would also catapult them in the standings. So even with a loss, there is still hope.

Georgia comes out 6th in the coaches’ poll. I think they could make their way to the Top 3 pretty easily. LSU (1) and Bama (2) play each other and Oregon (5) and USC (3) play each other, so there’s a loss for one of those teams.

Obviously a lot of Georgia’s hope ride on a few factors: Murray, the OL, the Secondary. This is their year and they know it. They drew an easy schedule, and this is their chance to prove themselves. In every regular season game, based on 2011 stats I have Georgia statistically favored in every one (does not take into account homefield, motivation, etc. – just stats).

You know who this team reminds me a lot of? Alabama 2011. They have a stout defense that I think will be ranked #1 by the end of the season. They have a better QB than Bama ’11, and a worse RB, and equal WR, if not better.  They will find ways to shut down opponents and win games.

Ultimately, I think +1700ish is a worthwhile bet. I think they’re definitely a lock for SEC Championship, and they create their own destiny from there.

Thoughts? Opinions? Leave them in the comment section below or tweet  @mtsabert.


36 Responses to “SabertStxVii BCS Title Future #1: Georgia Bulldogs”

  1. Trentmoney says:

    I took this play at +1700 in May (just checked…May 28th to be exact!!)
    the main reason: the SEC championship has become the “defacto semifinal” game for the BCS championship…so who is most likely to get there? I think UGA, since Bama and LSU have each other to deal with…once you get there you’re essentially one step away from the title game…if you want to hedge in the national championship game, at +1700 the math works in your facor (after all, it’s about locking in profit, not holding a trophy!!)
    Would like to see their best deep threat wr malcolm mitchell put back on offense as he’s currently playing secondary due to suspensions at that position

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:


      Thanks for the comment. Seems like you were ahead of me with your thinking! I totally agree with multiple things you said. Georgia, barring a huge failure, is in the SEC title game. Once you’re there, you create your own destiny.

      Also agree with hedging. I was on the Giants 20/1 2 weeks before regular season ended. Went on a (educated) whim and decided to hedge. Was also on the LA Kings, and wasn’t going to hedge if my life depended on it. I think hedging becomes situational.

      Also, I’ve been hearing that Mitchell will be reverted back to WR as soon as the suspended secondary players return. Which would make the offense even more powerful.

  2. UTSUX says:

    GA will find away to fall on thier face,they always do. Coach ain’t good and neither is the defense.Think all thier games will be shootouts.Might be alittle overhyped buy I could be wrong.

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:


      Respect your opinion but would love a little bit more color on why you feel the way you do.

      I respectfully do not agree with the fact that the coach is not good. He is 106-38 (74%) in his time at Georgia. That is averaging 8.8 wins per season, in the hardest conference in the NCAA – not to shabby in my book. On top of that, he’s taken them to a bowl every single year. He’s no Saban or Miles, but he is a very solid coach.

      I strongly disagree with the defense comment as well. Their defense was ranked 5th in the nation last year, and they lost 2 players (not including the suspended for first few games). That is more returning players than any other team ranked above them from 2011. They also play an easier schedule.

      Depending on how you define a shootout, they only had one in my terms last year, and that was the SC game. If you think they will pass 60% of the time, and cause the other team to try and keep up by passing I agree. But factor in how good Georgia’s defense and front 7 are, I don’t see games becoming shootouts.

      The one thing I do agree with is that Georgia seems to fall on their place rather often. I have multiple reasons to believe that this won’t happen this year: QB, Schedule, Coach knowing it’s their time, etc.

      With that being said, this is a future bet, not a guarantee. It would be much easier to take USC, Oklahoma, etc., but I don’t see as much value there.

  3. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    I’m kind of partial to South Carolina in the SEC East. I know their schedule is more difficult than Georgia’s, especially having drawn LSU in Baton Rouge from the West. But they get UGA at home and Georgia also has a tough SEC West away game at Auburn.

    Both teams have to play Florida on the road (South Carolina in Gainesville and UGA on a neutral field in Jacksonville).

    The Gators may end up having the best defense in the entire conference if they can get a little help from their offense.

    Overall it just looks to me like the East has a lot of parity this season w/ Georgia, Florida and South Carolina capable of beating the other and even Tennessee appearing to be improved.

  4. SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:


    I agree on some parity, but I think SC has a tougher (by far) string of games than Georgia. SC starts at Vandy, then they have a really tough mid season string of games: Georgia, at LSU, at Florida, Tennessee, Bye, Arkansas, trash game, at Clemson.

    Out of those, I only think they will be favored in maybe 3 of them at that point in the season.

    On the contrary, Georgia does not have a tough string of games. Every tough one is buffered by a bye or a bad team. The toughest string of games they have is Vandy, Tennessee, at SC.

    Auburn is cornered by Ole Miss and Georgia Southern.

    Florida has a tough run too. At A&M then at Tennessee. Not to bad, but I could see them going 1-1 there. Then they have: LSU, at Vandy, SC, Georgia, Missouri. Thats tough. They also finish with FSU, who could be stellar this year.

    When it breaks down, and the reason why I like Georgia here and in the SEC East, is 1. they have the easier schedule 2. They have a superb defense, if not the best in the SEC (once suspended players return) and 3. They have the best QB running the show. Connor Shaw is solid duel threat, but who is he throwing too? Lattimore will help Shaw, but I just can’t see him being able to carry SC through all of those wins. Florida I think is still a year away from being dominant.

    Should be interesting, like I said, futures are all about finding the value.

  5. Trentmoney says:


    my buddy had NY Giants 28-1 NFC and 80-1 Super Bowl…I had him hedge both games…he still won a ton (he had real $$$ on those plays…Giants fan) but i kind of laughed that i cost him 5 figures on each game…regardless, it was the right thing to do as his choices were come away empty-handed or win 5 figures…i thought that was an easy decision

    I got LA Dodgers as my only baseball play 35-1 World Series…nothing too heavy but I’ll cross that bridge if/when i get to it…

  6. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:


    Yes I cannot deny Georgia has the most favorable schedule of the three and definitely the more proven QB. I also agree that the Gators look to be a year away, but I believe they will still be a factor in the race this season.


    I just saw where the Dodgers odds for winning the NL West dropped from +170 to +140 after Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension yesterday.

    • Trentmoney says:

      MY futures is on them for the World Series…gotta win the division first though…i’m sitting on my hands until they make it to the big show…was kind of a lottery ticket for me anyway

  7. alkimyst says:

    Georgia definitely looks like they have the easiest run on paper. South Carolina will be strong this year though, so as you say that is a toss up, but I would lean to the Gamecocks there. Georgia has traditionally played down to some of their competition, but if they are ever going to win another national title, this year may be their best chance in a long time. Good Luck with your ticket!

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:

      Thanks alkimyst! I will have a few more future plays coming soon. I don’t put much stake into futures because I think there is so much value-loss with injuries, scandals, suspensions, etc. but I think there it’s always exciting to consider.

      Good luck this year, seeya back on the rx!

  8. Trentmoney says:

    I think the key to remember here is that you’re looking for value because, after all, this is a proposition…if you’re going to pick a team to win it all, you have to have at least two things:
    1) a chance that it could happen
    2) a good enough pay off if it does, or at least enough to hedge

    Does USC at 3-1 or Alabama at 5-1 fulfill both requirements? NO
    Of all the teams fulfilling the first requirement, UGA @ 17-1 fulfills the second as well
    They have the best qb in the conference (please don’t say tyler wilson), the best defense in their division (and possibly conference with mathieu out at LSU), and play in a conference who the BCS rolls out the red carpet for you if you win the championship game…
    you can go game by game and compare schedules all day long and not get a clearer picture…there’s no right answer until January…and South Carolina at 30-1 or UF at 40-1 might seem more appealing to some…but taking the better team with a more realistic chance of winning at a littler shorter odds makes sense to me

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:

      Totally agree on everything here. Good way to break down what you need to look for in futures. There are two other futures I will write up within the next few days, as I see some other value plays out there.

      This is a great way to break it down though.

      Also, I really don’t think TW is better. Even if he is, if Georgia takes the SC game, I’d look to possibly put a play on Murray for Heisman. He should carry them to the SEC Champ game from there I think, and there will still be more than half the season left for the odds to still be at a good spot (right now I see 35/1). I’d expect that to drop to about 25/1 after SC game if they’re still undefeated.

  9. says:

    Georgia has the easiest scheduled in SEC East. But I don’t think 18-1 odds is that great of value. Georgia does have a great QB but they loss 3 starters from the OL that had 125 starts combined and the center was 4th team AA and the LT was 3rd team AA and all three were drafted. This year they only return 31 career starts on the OL.

    There defense was good, 20.6 ppg and return 9 but I think there is a better defense in the SEC east. Florida allowed 20.3 ppg last year and return 10. Florida Doesn’t have the QB that Georgia has but both guys who are competing were both top ten recruits out of high school and one was #1. I think Florida has just as good of a chance at making the SEC championship game. There schedule is harder but at 65-1 to win BCS I think there is some value there.

    • Trentmoney says:

      UF @ 65-1 is certainly a nice price…

      I would rather not debate which play is better, as it is circular in nature, mainly because it’s only august…it’s more a “dealer’s choice” type of thing…want a higher price, take the gators…want a better chance, take the dawgs…for every critique one can make of UGA, i can make even more against UF, or any other team for that matter…the schedule certainly is in UGA’s favor, but even then you never know who’s gonna surprise and who’s gonna underperform

      Would I rather UGA be 30-1..??
      Of course…but there’s a reason that they’re not
      Is UF a nice price @ 65-1..??
      Definitely…but then again, there’s a reason why books are offering it

      Good luck with your plays

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:

      Thanks for commenting Somoney, I enjoy your blog and have it bookmarked – great info. I agree, the OL is the huge red flag right now. My theory with that is, you have a 3 year starting QB so that should help. He will be fluid with his motions and will know his WR well. Also, the D-Lines of only a few teams give me serious worries (obviously this could be a huge issue if they make the post season).

      I agree that Florida’s D could be good, if not better as well. The issue for me when evaluating a future is both sides of the ball complimenting each other. Florida could have a better defense, but I cannot see them running the table, or having an offense that can carry them to the SEC championship and win, with a first year QB, no matter how good they are.

      Just my opinions, There is positive alpha (sorry for the finance-y term) in both.

      • says:

        Reevaluating it Georgia has the most NFL talent in the SEC East and has the all important seasoned QB. I still like Florida but the question mark at QB is too big of a question mark and finally Georgia has the easiest schedule in SEC east by far. Even a loss to South Carolina they could still be in SEC championship playing for a chance at BCS title game. And there preseason ranking gives them another advantage vs Florida.

        Georgia to win BCS 16-1 locking it in.

        • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:


          I totally agree. Like I said in my futures article, unless youre a preseason top 10 team, you aren’t making it into the BCS title game with 1 loss.

          Florida, Wisco, Fla State, Okla all need to runt he table or have a loss to the other NC contender IMO to make it to the title game. I think there are about 5 teams that can make it with one loss (Bama, Georgia, LSU, USC).

          I think Georgia is a good play that has VALUE. A lot of people are saying that Georgia isn’t going to win, etc. but they don’t need to win for us to make it. At 16 or 17 to 1, there is value there that you can capture.

    • Kevin says:

      Just a quick note on the three lost OLinemen. One of them, Justin Anderson, will be an upgrade. He was a guy that was moved to defense then back to offense and honestly was our worst offensive lineman. He was a walking false start and/or holding penalty.

      At center Ben Jones will be tough to replace. At left tackle, we lose Cordy Glenn but that was his first and only year playing that position and he didn’t really catch on until half-way through the year.

      So yes, the OL is not going to be great but I think that the replacing of 3 offensive linemen might not be as awful as it looks on paper. Particularly at right tackle where Georgia will be better due to addition by subtraction.

  10. Trentmoney says:

    “a bag of dicks”…hahaha

  11. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    From a numbers perspective, the only thing I see that Georgia could and probably will need to improve on a little is their running game. I would like to see them up around at least 190-200 ypg from their 171 YPG in 2011. The ability to run the ball at will is the key to success when you have to play on the road in some tough SEC venues. These are the kind of stats that usually put you in the national title hunt given that you also have a stout rush defense, which they do (107 YPG LY).

    So the only gamble your taking with GA that I can see is can they adequally replace their top offensive linemen from last year? I think they have a decent chance to since their last two offensive lines have somewhat underperformed overall the last couple of years. And, with their soft schedule, they should have time to develop until they reach the meat of their SEC schedule.

    The things I like most about GA is their schedule and their defense. The teams who win the SEC are usually near the very top of their conference in defense. The only expection I’ve seen in the last 10 years or so is Auburn. But since I don’t see any Cam Newton’s hanging around the conference this year, I’m going to go with the best defense wins it.

    Bama will be retooling their defense, and LSU has also lost a few cogs off of their defense, which was number two in the SEC LY.. So neither of those two are guaranteed a top spot this season. The team with the best chance to dethrone Bama or LSU is Georgia. South Carolina will also be in the running. But they only have 5 starters back from 2011’s unit, and Georgia has 9. Only 10 yards seperated SC’s and GA’s defenses last year. But I believe GA will overtake SC, who still has some questions in a secondary that lost Stephon Gillmore, who might have been the best lockdown corner in the country.

    I really like Georgia’s schedule compared to what they’ve had in the last few years. Last year they had to deal with Boise State and South Carolina back to back to start the season. The year before that they had SC, Arky and Miss St. in 3 out of their first 4 games. And the year before that they had to open against OSU, SC & Arkansas! This team has never really had a chance to get off the floor to build some momentum. This year they will.

    Their big game will be at Missouri in their second game. I believe that this is the game that sets the tone for the entire season. This of course will be a big game for Mizzou. But I think it will be an even bigger game for Georgia. And they will be ready for it. Win that game and they’ll have their next 3 games “between the hedges.” And this should give the offensive line plenty of time to come together before their big showdown at SC in October. With past SEC champions it’s always been about the best defense and the most favorable schedule. I believe Georgia fits this description more than any team in the SEC this year. We’ll find out for sure what kind of coach Richt is. But if he can’t do it this season with the team he has, he will never get it done.

  12. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    Georgia has a capable defense, but I still question just how good it really is. They played 4 offenses with a pulse last year and got beat in each game (soundly in two of those games) allowing 38.75 ppg to teams that avg 34.83 ppg.

    Compare that to Alabama and LSU who didn’t allow a single opponent to reach their offensive season average and who between them held 21 of 26 teams below their offensive season avg by double digits.

    I understand SabertStxVii and Trents argument in terms of value with Georgia having a good team combined with a favorable schedule. I guess I am just still not sold on Georgia even winning the SEC East, let alone having closed a 32 point gap between them and LSU (or Alabama) to win the SEC Championship game.

    • Kevin says:

      Georgia Tech was statistically the second or third best offense that Georgia played last year. Last time I checked they didn’t beat Georgia.

      The Boise State game was what it was. I’m not making excuses but defensively Rambo didn’t play and it was Jarvis Jones first game in what…two years? Also, Georgia held Boise to 0 points until Alec Ogletree got hurt. Boise was the better team at that point in the season and that’s why they won but I really feel like the Georgia defense (in only their second year on their new DC) wasn’t quite ready for an offense that good especially without Tree and Rambo and without a Jarvis Jones that was ready to contribute like he did later in the season (he didn’t get a sack until his fourth game).

      The points per game in the South Carolina game were not the defenses fault. South Carolina scored 21 points on defense and special teams touchdowns. The offense only scored 24 in that game. Also, Stephen Gilmore had a 65 yard fumble return down to the Georgia five that set up a SC TD so really that’s only 17 points scored by the offense.

      I don’t think anyone is comparing last years Georgia defense to LSU’s or Alabama’s. LSU and Bama were on another level defensively. Georgia was not in their area code but they have the talent this year to be very dangerous defensively. Up to this point Todd Grantham has been playing his 3-4 with essentially guys recruited by Willie “I can’t cover my own ass” Martinez and his defensive staff. Grantham has now been with Georgia going on two years and is starting to fill the team with guys that he recruited specifically to play his system and he’s moved some guys around (Alec Ogletree to LB, Cornelius Washington & Ray Drew to DE) that fit a little better in their scheme. The key for Georgia this year is getting more production from their two deep and not just their horses and that is what will make it a success and make them into an elite defense, which they obviously weren’t last year.

      • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

        Kevin, you are correct about Georgia Tech. However, statistically the Tech offense did most of their damage in the first 5 games of the season (avg 48.75 ppg vs teams that allowed 33.62 = +15.12 …. this does not even include the Western Carolina game). After that GT avg 23.50 ppg vs teams that allowed 25.74 (= – 2.34). So other than Duke, everyone was pretty much slowing down the Tech offense.

        I am not doubting that UGA has a good defense (top 10) and will have a good football team. I’m just suggesting that last year the defense wasn’t as good as the “stats” make it appear to be.

  13. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    Pez, I understand what your saying. But I think when you have the great majority of your returning starters coming back, you have to be given allowance for improvement. In Georgia’s case, 9 starters is a very high number of returners on D. More than I can ever recall Richt having. Let’s take Bama and LSU for example from last season. In 2011 LSU had 7 starters returning on defense and Bama had 10. If you look at their numbers from 2010 to 2011 LSU’s total yardage allowed on defense improved from 309 to 265 ypg allowed. Bama’s improved from 308 in 2010 to 177 in 2011! That’s a very huge one year jump. It’s because they had the full nucleus of their defense returning. Much like with Georgia this year. I should say too that Georgia has also improved. They improved their total defense to 282 LY from 353 in 2010. With the amount of starters they have back, I can still see a little more room for improvement. Especially given the fact that Richt has said his defense has gotten stronger this year with their offseason conditioning program. And he said it has shown in their practices. It’s always going to be a gamble trying to deterim how much improvement a team makes. But with these BCS Division One power conference teams, getting back the great majority of your starters is usually a very good thing when your coming off a 10-4 season and your getting an easier schedule.

    • Kevin says:

      One thing to note on the returning starters. One of those not returning is DeAngelo Tyson, and while he was a nice player, the guys replacing him (Cornelius Washington, Ray Drew, Garrison Smith) are all better than he was. Brandon Boykin is a big loss (but maybe more on ST than on defense) but the defense really only truly loses one productive guy.

  14. Terry says:

    I think the SEC is a little more wide open than people think this year. LSU could be better on offense with the new quarterback, but their secondary could have problems. Bama has a brand new defense that is sure to have some growing pains along the way.

    I think Florida has just as much chance as SC and Georgia to win the east. They have the best defense and their quarterbacks were both highly touted.

    • UTSUX says:

      Think your right,each team has issues.Whatever team can iron thier problems first stand the better chance of coming out on top.Should be fun in the SEC this year.

    • SabertStxVii SabertStxVii says:


      I absolutely agree. My SEC Preview will be posted shortly and I will detail the fact that there is much more parity in the SEC this year, and possibly even a down year in their respect. I think there is zero chance that 2 SEC teams make the BCS National Championship Game.

      Agreed totally about LSU and Bama. When there are teams with question marks, I tend to look more at the more sure things, and hence why I like Georgia. Easier Schedule, Returning Def, and Returning QB. That is something you can build between.

      I also agree about Florida and SC being extremly solid. Florida’s defense is going to be solid, but with a new QB (regardless of who it is, both will be pretty good), I think that Georgia has a little easier path with a defense almost as good and a better O. SC Will be good but have question marks to fill in on defense and WR.

      Thanks for the comment, should be interesting.


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