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Razor NHL 12/02/2017

Razor NHL 12/02/2017

YTD 12-14 +3.34 units


This sight is familiar, as the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild met just a week ago in St. Louis. Likewise, the Blues are once again coming into this matchup on a back end of a back to back. This time however, the tables are turned and the Wild will have their strong home advantage.

Minnesota has been a hit or miss team so far this year, but one perennial constant remains; their ability to be commanding at home. The Wild have won 4 of their last 5 home games despite showing recent concerning struggles on the road, including that 6-3 loss in St. Louis last week. Minny will always feed off the energy of their home crowd, and today they also have a revenge factor incentive.

The Blues have been phenomenal in back to back situations under Mike Yeo’s reign, as they have now won 12 straight game twos in back to backs dating back to last season. It is clear that fatigue is not really a concept for this team. However, in this case, they had a physical battle with the Kings last night, and a very late flight into the Twin City region. On top of that, St. Louis appears to have lost their gel on offense now too.

As much as I believe that the Blues are an elite team this year, I also think they have reached a speed bump which may possibly translate into a mini slump. The basis is the same as yesterday’s play on the Kings. Take advantage of the inflated value we are getting in a matchup that should highly favor the Wild.

Wild moneyline -125 1*



The New Jersey Devils will be flying into Arizona on game two of a back to back, to face the struggling Coyotes.

Struggling is an understatement, as Arizona has further reinforced their league worst NHL record with their current three game losing streak. Plain and simple, they are finding ways to lose. Today however, they have home advantage against an Eastern team that does not visit very often, and also a team that played in very high altitude yesterday. With both backups in tonight, I think this will be a game where the Coyotes will try to set the tone in a fast paced game. Arizona really doesn’t have nothing to lose by engaging in risky run and gun schemes, so expect them to flaunt their young talent tonight against another prospect stacked club.

The Devils did a good job conserving their energy in Colorado, and also in securing the win. Coming down to lower altitude, they will be likely to feel tireless through the first part of the game. As the game goes on, I expect them to run out of gas, and this is where the Yotes will get something back.

I expect this to be a high octane game from start to finish.

OVER 6 +105 2*



While both Alberta teams were expected to be contenders this season, Edmonton’s current lack of success is quite an unexpected story leading up to the second battle of Alberta this season. The Calgary Flames have been more or less par for the course with a 14-10-1 record so far, and the first meeting of the season was a 3-0 Oilers win.

Despite the gap in performance between these two teams so far, Edmonton has had a particularly easy time with Calgary dating back to the start of last season. Of the five straight meetings that the Oilers have won, only one of them was by less than two goals. I understand that the confidence level and team cohesion of the Oilers is nowhere near what it was last season, but I also have reasons to believe that Edmonton has matchup advantages over Calgary.

The Oilers lost to the Leafs due to a sloppy first period and a colossal own goal, but overall played one of the best offensive games I have seen this season. Calgary is a stronger defensive team than Toronto, but the three defensive pairings have had a very difficult time shutting down Connor McDavid, or at least slowing him down without taking penalties. The Flames have taken 18 penalties in the last five meetings, and this is with them being super disciplined in their season opener against Edmonton. Today, I think Edmonton is a bit more settled systematically.

All in all, I just think the nature of the matchup favors Edmonton. The combination of grit and top line skill seems to be a bad mix for Calgary to contain. I don’t expect the Oilers to come out sloppy like they did against Toronto, especially for a HNIC game.

Oilers moneyline +140 3*

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