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2017 SEC Pick of the Week – Week Eleven

2017 SEC Pick of the Week – Week Eleven

Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors, Especially his older stuff, Overboard, etc. Captain Ron is absolutely hilarious.

But, remember the scene in the movie Miracle about the USA hockey team beating the Soviets in 1980 when he and one of the hockey committee leaders are walking down the street and the Soviets pass them heading the other way.

Kurt Russell says “Somebody is going to beat those guys.”

Well, that’s how I feel about Alabama football these days. Last week was their toughest test of the season and they passed. But it cost me a loss in our segment here. We’re now 6-4 on the season and 24-13 overall.

As for week eleven…

SEC Pick of the Week: No. 1 Georgia (-2.5) at No. 10 Auburn, 3:30pm ET, CBS.

I’m all in on Georgia. As of right now, I’ll take them winning the SEC and being the No. 1-ranked playoff team. They’re just playing at an unbelievable high level.

Enter Auburn in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. If you’ve read this column all year you know that I’ve been pretty high on Auburn as well, sometimes thinking they are in fact the second-best team in the conference.

Well, this game should settle that argument once and for all. But I’m taking Georgia here, obviously. Again, I’m all in.

Upset alert:  No. 2 Alabama (-13.5) at No. 16 Mississippi State, 7:00pm ET, ESPN.

As mentioned above, somebody is going to beat these guys. Is Mississippi State the team to finally do it?

Keep an eye on: Florida at South Carolina (-5.5), 12:00pm ET, CBS.

Florida is a mess right now and South Carolina is, well, what you’d expect from a Will Muschamp coached team.

The Gators got smashed by Missouri last week and all signs point to some leadership changes amongst the players. Which of course publicly comes out as leadership will have to take charge.

You think Muschamp is ready for this one? He’d probably love nothing more than to stomp on the Gators’ throat as the program is wounded.

Trending up: Rivalries.

It’s almost that time of year!

Oh, and Georgia and their national championship aspirations. They’re rising faster than the stock market does after the Fed lowers the interest rate.

Trending down: SEC bottom six?

I put the question mark here because I’m just not so sure. Even though other coaches are calling out the bottom of the conference and comparing it to their own.

I’ll take the bottom of the SEC over any other conference’s bottom teams. You can call me a home if you want, I don’t care.

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