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“Shorestein Says” NFL Picks – Week 6

“Shorestein Says” NFL Picks – Week 6

Week 6 “Shorestein Says” Picks of the Week


LA Rams @ Jacksonville -2.5:  How bout that Jags D?! The Jaguars have come a long way and now rank #1 in defensive passer rating at 56.9!  Some may see this as a fluke, but this trend of excellent play started at the end of last season.  The young, athletic talent is popping on this defense, and I think it will continue to shine against Goff as he struggles with top notch defenses.  Believe it or not, the Jaguars have actually been better than the Seahawks in most facets this season.  They rank #1 in sacks and #3 in points allowed per game.  This might sound crazy, but look at how they compared to the 2013 Super Bowl Seahawk defense (which was probably the best pass defense that I’ve seen in my life time):


On the offensive side there are certainly question marks about Blake Bortles’ play.  In their blowout win against the Steelers he managed just 95 yards.  In all likelihood, he must top that to pull out the win at home.  I think Fournette’s continued rushing dominance will make that more plausible.  The Jaguars are now 3rd in the league in yards per attempt at 4.7.  That quality number matches up favorably to the Rams 24th ranked defense in that category. 

Now factor in that this will be the Rams first east coast trip of the year.  When they went East in their four games last season their defense gave up 26, 49, 6, and 32…. (To make you feel better, that 6 point game was against the offensive power house known as the Jets!).  Look for the Jaguar offense to improve while the defense exerts its will.


Random Thoughts: 

  • As we dig into the 2017, I really think the opposite tier plays will get their value back.
  • Money Zone has been scorching hot, as it stays over 60%.
  • The Trap of the week in my opinion is the Lions. I have no clue how the spread has gotten that high, I’m guessing it is Stafford injury related?  But anyways, if you have paid attention to my trap alerts, you’d be 2-0 on those opportunities….
  • The Cardinals again show up in the Money Zone, but I think you’d have to be crazy to get on them right now.
  • The Giants might be a solid contrarian play this week. They are decimated by injuries, but the Broncos I don’t think are a double digit favorite type of team. 
  • Looking forward to the Patriots game. If they struggle with the Jets then I think it might be time to question if they will actually win the division.


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