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West Coast Bias – Week Seven Power Rankings

West Coast Bias – Week Seven Power Rankings

For those who haven’t been following weekly, the summary of the early week post is as follows:

At the beginning of each week I am providing an analysis of my power rankings and the raw data and trends I build into each line, which I measure against the posted openers.  This allows me to arrive at what I call my “Average Variance” from the Vegas opener.  Based on my experience, any average variance > 4, from the posted opener v. my line will be in consideration for a play, (with the situational and technical aspects evaluated before I fire).  This analysis also helps me fire early on games I see as having huge value as these plays are typically plays I see as positive ROI plays over time.

As you can see Week 1-6 have produced a 32-22-2 record.

Power Rankings Moves:

Maryland – After the beat down against Ohio State and the loss of their third string QB, the signal caller woes are back for the Terps.  How much longer will they continue to give effort with a brutal Big Ten schedule forthcoming?

Week 7 Power Rankings

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Based on the attached Average Variance Analysis our numbers show value on the following Week Seven Games:

115 Northwestern

165 Wyoming

167 UNLV

169 Nevada

177 UCLA

184 Nebraska

210 Minnesota

211 Oregon OVER

211 Oregon

219 San Jose State

BOL in Week Seven and let us know in the comments if you have any questions – JWS

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