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BoomTown’s BreakDown CFB Week 6

BoomTown’s BreakDown CFB Week 6

What’s shakin’, BoomTown? This CFB season is just friggin’ flying by. We’ve had ups, we’ve had downs, but we’ve kept it real the whole way through. Good news this week is that my kids don’t have games until Sunday, therefore, we can get some extra focus on Saturday adds. Tough to do on the sidelines as I’m trying to coach. Nevertheless, I got a plethora of games cemented in already. Let’s start the process and get crackin’, shall we?


Last Week (5-4)  Overall (14-13)

Somehow, Ken Niumatalolo gets the job done. Every year, new cast, same ending credits. Teams know what’s coming at em, yet can’t do anything about it. My kinda team. Impose your will, and stop us if you can! That being said, Navy has  themselves off to a perfect 4-0 start. Last week, they walked into Tulsa as Road Chalk, and came away with a W (SU and ATS). Saturday, they’re in the cozy confines of N-MC Memorial. A place where they’ve covered 7/8 as a single digit Favorite, and 6/7 against this week’s opponent (11/14 overall vs AF). I’m putting no emphasis on the Falcons’ game LW with New Mexico in any aspect but one. They surrendered 58 to a ground football team. A main reason for that in my opinion, is the lack of experience on the defensive side for Air Force (12/13 top tacklers are gone). Their whole defense is brand new. Although they’re also a ground squad, these Navy kids have seen it, (8 returned starters) and can slow it down. Trying to contain the Navy attack on the road will just add to the fun. Now, couple those little pearls of useless wisdom, with the fact the AF has on covered 2/7 on the road, and we have a recipe to print paper. I think this number is a tad bit low, and with REVENGE on the Middies’ brain, laying just a TD is a friggin’ gift! Gimme Navy -7 over Air Force!

Above, I mentioned my kid’s games being on Sunday this week. Now, why in the heat of Hell, would youth football schedule games for a Sunday in the Fall? Take your time, I’ll wait………. This is blasphemy! The Philadelphia Eagles are more important to me than most of my family, so I had to think long and hard as to whether or not miss my kids’ games to watch the Birds (missed one since the 80’s). After posing the question on I decided to go coach, and DVR the game. Believe me, it was a decision I mulled over for a while. Don’t judge me. But now you’ve journeyed into the mind of a maniac! Speaking of journeys, add these games to your Saturday excursion. Best of luck, and whatever happens in life…. Smile and Proceed!


East Carolina (+2) over Temple

Syracuse (-3.5) over Pitt

NMexSt (+12.5) over AppSt

NIU (-23) over KentSt

Army (-11) over Rice

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  1. ndirish1 says:

    GO COWBOYS! As Pez would say FORK the Eagles!

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