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NFL Week 6

NFL Week 6


The Denver Broncos are coming off a bye and New York Giants are just absolutely swarmed by the injury bug. It’ll be tough for the NYG to move the ball on offense in a very tough environment. I’m not worried about a backdoor cover by Eli if Denver is up and ready, and I see this Broncos running game wearing down this Giants defense as the game progresses.

Two things that I look for in the rare occasion when I am playing a big favorite are:

1) that the team I’m backing should be able to run the ball effectively 

2) that they should also be a good matchup against the underdog’s passing game.

In simulating the game out in my head, and predicting game flow , I find myself asking “how?” in regards to the Giants covering the spread. Denver has the best run defense in the NFL and also have two top cornerbacks in the league, and the Giants may have the worst position players in the entire league after the injuries…Not to mention their offensive line is well below average. I don’t think the books can put up a number high enough for this game.


Broncos -11.5   3*

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