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MLB Playoffs 10/05/2017

MLB Playoffs 10/05/2017

Red Sox/Astros:

Two nights ago, we saw an epic fail on my end, in assuming that most of the young players would fold under pressure at the plate. This was far from the case, as Eddie Rosario smashed a 2 run bomb in the first inning in his first At Bat ever in a Postseason game, causing the first five under to ultimately lose in the very first inning.

Today in the AL, we have a bit of a different situation, as the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros are two high flying offenses that have had a couple days off while waiting for the Wild Card games to conclude.

There is a huge difference between a game like the one about to be played this afternoon, and the one that was played two nights ago. First off, a single elimination game after 162 games of hard work, will draw a higher potential of emotional occasions like we saw in both Wild Card games. Players are more likely to crack and rise through more extreme spectrums. The clutch factor always comes into play. Today’s afternoon game is also going to be an important and emotion driven matchup, but the number one difference here is that no team is down or out after this one game. It is a best of five series, where far less pressure is being applied into winning this game specifically. Both teams have a wealth of Aces combined, and this is just another elite matchup…but elite it is, as Justin Verlander and Chris Sale take the mound in a battle between two of baseball’s most consistent pitchers in the second half.

At this point, both of these pitchers are not only veteran status, but also very high end status. Verlander has clearly reinvented his arsenal following injuries from a couple years back, while Chris Sale is a top two pitcher in the AL this year. I do not even need to get into their arsenals, as both pitchers have mastered craftwork, and can shut down any lineup. Both pitchers also have the endurance and capability for deep outings, and have very solid bullpens as backups. For the Red Sox, only Mitch Moreland has more than 2 career RBIs against Verlander, and likewise for Houston, only Jose Altuve is hitting above .250 against Chris Sale.

This will be more like a regular season game than the past two nights. Expect the experience of these two Aces to take center stage.

UNDER 7 -105 3*


Since NHL has begun, I will also throw in a hockey play for tonight.



As we begin the season, we have very little information regarding teams and their adaptations in the offseason. We can only go off what we know, and some of the observations made in training camp. The Los Angeles Kings have made no secret what their season plan is this year, as they begin their opening night in hosting the Philadelphia Flyers tonight.

Los Angeles, after seeing two championships in three seasons, have seen a very apparent decline since 2014’s Stanley Cup season. LA has missed the playoffs in two of three seasons since then, and there has been a clear recession in almost every sector. For the first time since the 2008-09 season, the Kings allowed more goals than they scored, which completely defeats their purpose of a defensive style. The Kings were never known for a regular season offense during their reign of competence, but they had some bad seasons and extremly declining point totals from veterans and superstars such as Marian Gaborik, Anze Kopitar, Tyler Tiffoli, and Dustin Brown. It was at the end of last season that the Kings realized that there needed to be a more offensive philosophy inscribed into the culture. Then came the firing of GM Dean Lombardi and Head Coach Daryl Sutter. With John Stevens taking over, and Rob Blake as new GM, the Kings spent training camp learning how to move the puck out of the defensive zone better, and play more of a penetrative game through the middle. They focused less on Corsi, where quality of shots don’t matter, and more on scoring opportunities from the slot. So far, John Stevens has said he is very impressed with what went on in training camp.

I expect this game to see a lot more experimental pursuits from a Kings team that refuses to age and decline. Expect this to be a display of their newfound offensive style, as Philly is not exactly known for elite defense nor goaltending. The Flyers flaunted their offensive ability yesterday in their season opener in San Jose, and won 5-3 in a firing frenzy. They also took six penalties, and will be participating in another game consisting of several rough and emotional players today. I expect more of the same today, as well as many powerplay opportunities.

OVER 5 -130 2*

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  1. Nolan Mucciarone says:

    Why would you bank on Chris Sale? Like what happened tonight… He was garbage in the second half and he’s always done poorly when in matters. All the is good for are the strikeouts and apparently a career first half this year.

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