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Razor Baseball – 8/12/2017

Razor Baseball – 8/12/2017

In a late season matchup between the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers, not many baseball followers will be too enthusiastic about this one. This rivalry has definitely seen better days, but it seems more and more probable that neither of these teams will see the postseason.

While the Brewers are still in contention, I think most logical minds can understand that they were a beneficiary of having the Defending Champion Chicago Cubs lagging for the early part of the season. Now that the Cubs have found their groove, things do not look well in terms of competing to win the division. Milwaukee has been in a downward spiral, having lost five straight games now..and it is clear that their performance is being affected psychologically. One of the guys who has clearly showed signs of detrimental psychological setbacks is starting pitcher Brent Suter, who has now seen two straight bad games, giving up 8 ER in his last 9.1 innings after a rather impressive start to his career. As a pitcher with little experience in the majors, expect his struggle to be a result of the mental game. Suter is not a pitcher that has impressive stuff, so he will have to rely on location and desired contact most of the time. Right now, the Reds are seeing the ball well and playing with next to no pressure whatsoever.

Reds Starter Scott Feldman will hardly ever receive the benefit of the doubt, and tonight is no different. For a team scoring a total of 29 runs in their past three games, Vegas definitely has a lot of nerve to set them as significant underdogs against a team that is bringing an inexperienced pitcher and has lost five straight. The truth is though, Cincinnati would not put Feldman in if they didn’t think he was ready to come back. He is a veteran who will want to end the season well, and he will understand the task of playing spoiler.

The Reds are just too hot right now to assume anything different occurs today, and with all the pressure in the world being on the Brewers (who in my opinion have overachieved thus far), I simply cannot pass on a +140 bet on a team with absolutely nothing to lose.

2*  Reds moneyline +140 

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