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Razor Baseball – 8/9/2017

Razor Baseball – 8/9/2017


I have been generally scoping the low key matchups, but today I will switch gears and handicap one of the most hyped games on board tonight between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I think any sports bettor will be aware of the fact that it is extremely rare to see Zack Greinke as an underdog at home. In fact, it has not happened since the first two games of the season. However, the only reason this is the case today is because they are hosting the Mighty Dodgers. LA has only 4 losses in their last 28 games, and are like Bad Boys Records of the late 90s. They can’t stop, and they won’t stop.

Well, one of those four losses came yesterday, due to a complete bullpen meltdown in the seventh inning. Having not experienced such an epic type of loss, I would assume that the human aspect will kick in and cause the Dodgers to be a little out of rhythm tonight..from a mental standpoint. All assumptions aside though, Zack Greinke is still an elite pitcher and an amazing rebound athlete. In four games this season, where he gave up 4 ER or more, he has come back the next game with a start giving up no more than one earned run. After giving up 6 ER in Wrigley last outing, expect the par for the course.

LA Starting Pitcher Alex Wood may be one guy unaffected by the series of events in yesterday’s Dodgers loss, but he may be enduring an obstacle of his own. Let’s face it. Wood pitched over his head for over two months. Between the start of May and mid July, the Lefty knuckle curve pitcher was in magnificent rhythm with 7 shutout appearances and only two games seeing more than 2 ER. In his last three games though, he has a 6.11 ERA. Though he is coming off a good start in Atlanta, it is only natural that he sees a few more bad games than good ones for a little bit, now that he is no longer riding off his former momentum. I fully expect this to be a game that Wood struggles in, as Arizona has seen him recently and are at a good place after yesterday’s win.

3*  Diamondbacks moneyline +105  

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