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Revenge Game: OU should avenge Texas Tech loss

Revenge Game: OU should avenge Texas Tech loss

Normally I’m not a big “revenge game” type of capper, but this game also serves as a very good spot for the Sooners.

Last year Texas Tech upset OU in Norman, handing Bob Stoops only his third home loss since he became the Sooner head coach in 1999. To make matters worse, the game was on national television for everyone to see. These are the kinds of games that stick in Bob Stoops craw.

Revenge game

revenge game - Stoops and Tuberville

Tuberville and Stoops

If I’m going to play a revenge game, I’ve always preferred the road revenge game contests. Mainly because I can usually get a better line on the game than if they were playing at home where everybody is already going to anticipate a butt kicking.

OU should get a decent line with the Texas game being the next week. I’m sure many will say OU will be thinking ahead to Texas. But Stoops really doesn’t think that way when it comes to Big 12 conference play…. especially when he has to play on the road.

The important thing is OU will have a bye week before this game. And in fact will have two bye weeks in a three week period before they even play Texas Tech. Plenty of time to gameplan for both the Red Raiders and Texas.

OU will be rested and better prepared

I look for this game to be much different than last year’s game.  OU’s defense should be much better prepared and a little meaner under Mike Stoops. I also believe the Sooners are a bit more physical this year on both sides of the ball.

Tech has attempted to make strides on defense by adding some JUCO transfers to make an immediate impact. But I think a quick fix is highly unlikely with this team. Especially with yet another new defensive coordinator, their fourth in four years, and a lack of depth in the secondary will probably catch up with them.

OU simply has too much talent here, and last years game was an uncharacteristic slip by the Sooners. Don’t expect them to make the same mistake twice. OU should win this game comfortably even though it is in Lubbock.

– GoSooners

3 Responses to “Revenge Game: OU should avenge Texas Tech loss”

  1. SoonerBS says:

    GS, I think the change to Mike Stoops being the new defensive coordinator will make Oklahoma better defensively this season for this reason — they will be able to react without having to think first. These are top notch athletes coming to a university for one reason and one reason only . . . . TO PLAY FOOTBALL, not think. Venerables had too many coverage decisions to be made by the players worked into his scheme. Mike Stoops is eliminating this. I am just giddy about the possibilities.

    I like your thoughts on the Texas Tech game. What do you think the line will be (I’m surprised they do not have a GOY line up for this game)?

  2. jimmyd says:

    I agree totally. Stoops is a revengeful type of guy. With his brother on board, the extra off weeks, QB Landry back, who also remembers, the over all talent disparity, this sets up for an old fashion butt kicking.

  3. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    BS…I’m hoping this game will be in the single digits. Much will depend on what Texas Tech does the week before at Iowa State. If you remember, Tech upset OU last year, and then the following week laid an egg at home against Iowa State 41-7. So this is definitely a revenge game for TT. Many may not know that Tech was already a semi-wounded team with injuries entering that OU game, but their injuries mounted up significantly after OU, which is why they went downhill so quickly and lost their last 5 games. I’m thinking the line will be close to a tossup when TT goes to Ames. And I give them a decent chance at beating ISU, who I don’t think will be as good on defense as they were a year ago. If they can do that, OU should get a decent line.

    jimmyd…Stoops has a very good record in revenge games. I’m not really that confident on their other two revenge games against OSU and Baylor since they’re being played in Norman and the spread will be high for those games. But I do like this one.

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