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Betting on College Football – 7 Essential Tips

Betting on College Football – 7 Essential Tips

If you are interested in discovering new ideas about betting on college football, then our Free 7-part email series and ongoing newsletter are Perfect for you. The Saturday Edge delivers the best college football betting advice and Free Picks directly to your inbox.


Here’s what we have for you:

  • The Saturday Edge’s 7-part email series about betting on college football ….. and WINNING!
  • Our ongoing email newsletter delivers college football betting advice to refine your thinking, sharpen your tactics, and improve your strategies.
  • Free picks throughout the college football season
Our 7 Essential Tips for Betting on College Football and ongoing email newsletter delivers the goods


The 7 FREE Tips Include:

Tip # 1: Breaking down the college football betting season

We breakdown and analyze the three separate college football betting seasons: Early season, October and Late season games.

Tip # 2: Don’t always believe what you see

We introduce the 10-80-10 college football betting theory and the importance of not overreacting to a great win or a bad loss.

Tip # 3: Conference Familiarity

We discuss the difference between handicapping non-conference games as opposed to handicapping a conference game.

Tip # 4: The Cupcake Factor

We analyze how teams are likely to perform when stepping up or down in class come conference play.

Tip # 5: College Football Injuries – Mostly Overrated

We analyze and give multiple examples of injuries and their effect on teams and ATS performance.

Tip # 6: How important is the QB position in college football?

We take a look at the QB position when it comes to betting on college football games and give examples of good and bad QB play.

Tip # 7: Betting on college football road games

We point out several do’s and don’ts to consider when looking at road teams to wager on (or against).

7 Essential Tips for Betting on College Football is a free 7-part series and ongoing newsletter that’s delivered via email

You’ll also get lots of college football betting tips and pointers to archived Saturday Edge content. Of course, our advice will be supplemented and ever-evolving as the college football betting landscape quickly evolves and changes.

To make it work even better, we’ll also be including continuous lessons, suggestions and examples that show you how we handicap our own games, and the role each piece of the 7 Essential Tips for Betting on College Football plays.


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