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Texas is Phil Steele’s No. 1 surprise team of 2012

Texas is Phil Steele’s No. 1 surprise team of 2012

Phil Steele’s No.1 surprise team of 2012? The Texas Longhorns. We received a lot of feedback on Twitter yesterday concerning our first of six Big12 Q & A’s “Who will challenge OU for the conference title?”. First of all I’d like to thank everyone for their comments.

Most of the feedback centered around why Texas was even considered in the conversation. More specifically, with their QB issues, Texas stood little chance of winning the Big 12 this season. However, as many of our Big 12 college football experts pointed out, the Texas roster is still loaded with talented football players, Texas has the best defense in the conference and their schedule is very manageable.

Texas is Phil Steele’s No. 1 surprise team of 2012 

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who also like Texas this season. Pre-season Guru Phil Steele has ranked Texas as his No. 1 surprise team of 2012.

After a pair of mediocre seasons, Texas went 5-7 in 2010 and finished 8-5 last year , Steele believes the Longhorns will rebound strongly in 2012.

Texas Defense is Loaded. Expect Offensive Improvement

Mlacolm Brown

Malcolm Brown

Texas has 8 defensive players listed on his 2012 Preseason All-Big 12 team, including 3 first team selections: DE Alex Okafor, DE Jackson Jeffcoat and S Kenny Vaccaro. Steele writes “Texas has a top-10 defense again with six returning starters.”

But where Steele really sees the potential for a serious bump in production is from the Texas offense. According to Steele Texas will get a “big upgrade on offense with my No. 4 set of running backs, No. 11 receivers and No. 8 offensive line and they will get the best QB play since Colt McCoy left after 2009.”

Texas also has 7 offensive players listed on Steele’s 2012 All-Big 12 team, including RB Malcolm Brown as a first team choice.

If Texas does in fact get its offense going this season, especially its running game, they will certainly be a team to be reckoned with not only in the Big 12, but on a national level as well.

Thanks again for all the comments and don’t forget to sign up for our “7 Essential College Football Betting Tips.


2 Responses to “Texas is Phil Steele’s No. 1 surprise team of 2012”

  1. GQ(in the locker room) says:

    West Virginia will win the no-defense12, ou&Texas runner ups, once again Phil is wrong, iv loss thousands betting on steel Phil, that’s right (steel wrong Phil)

    • Davis says:

      West Virginia sucks. They backed into the Big East title last year and their weak ass D couldn’t stop those pathetic offenses, what makes you think they will be able to stop real offenses. I doubt OU or Texas has much trouble beating the defenseless Mountaineers. I love how every squares last thought of West Virginia is the 70 they piled on Clemson instead of the 30 or less they scored in 4 of 7 Big East games.


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