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The Saturday Edge Discusses PAC-12 Football

The Saturday Edge Discusses PAC-12 Football

The Saturday Edge participated in a PAC-12 football roundtable this week at the always informative blog College Football Zealots. We were joined by several of the Zealots, Dale Newton from the Oregon blog The Duck Stops Here and Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz and Arizona Desert Swarm.

The Q & A style discussion consisted of three questions. Below is how The Saturday Edge answered each question. If you would like to read the complete Q & A sessions and see how everyone else responded, the links are at the bottom of the page.

QUESTION # 1: Who do you see as the breakout stars of the Pac-12 this season?

Jeff Tuell

Jeff Tuell

The Saturday Edge: QB Jeff Tuel could have a monster season in Mike Leach’s offense. Tuel was actually WSU’s starting QB at the start of last season, but he broke his clavicle in game # 1, so a lot of people have forgotten about him. He’s 6-3, 220 pounds and is on some NFL watch lists. He also has some excellent weapons to work with; most notably All-Conference WR Marquess Wilson who caught 82 passes last year.

The other can’t miss breakout star will be the Oregon QB. Either Bryan Bennett, who started a few games last season, or spring game star Marcus Mariota. Both bring skills to the Duck run-first scheme that Darron Thomas did not possess, and with weapons like De’Anthony Thomas and Kenyon Barner drawing most of the defensive attention, either QB should thrive.

QUESTION # 2: The Pac-12 is set up to be one of the most intriguing conferences this year with all of the coaching changes. What team will you be keeping an eye on?

David Shaw

Stanford HC David Shaw

The Saturday Edge:  I think I’ll be keeping an eye on Stanford this season. I believe the perception from a lot of non-PAC 12 fans and pundits is that the Cardinal, having lost four players selected in the first 42 picks of the draft, will take a step back. The loss of Luck will certainly be difficult to replace, but this team is loaded at just about every other position. They have one of the better defenses in the PAC 12, led by All-American candidates Chase Thomas and Shayne Skov at linebacker. They have some good RBs and TEs, and they continue to recruit top level OL and DL talent. They will stick to their formula and play physical, smash mouth football.

QUESTION # 3: Which team outside of Oregon, Stanford and USC has the best chance to win the conference this year?

Utah Defense

Utah Defense

The Saturday Edge: It is tough to imagine any team outside of USC or Oregon winning the PAC-12 this season. Those two appear to be fringe National Championship contenders and at a level above everyone in the conference. However, of the next best teams in the league (CAL, Utah & UW), I believe Utah has the best chance to surprise. They return Jordan Wynn at QB and John White could be the best RB in the conference. They have arguably the league’s best defensive line and 7 starters returning to last years # 1 scoring PAC-12 defense. More importantly they have an extremely favorable schedule. They get USC and Cal at home, they don’t play Oregon or Stanford from the North and their road games are against ASU, UCLA, Oregon State, Washington and Colorado – 5 teams with a combined record of 25-40 and 0-3 in bowl games last year.

Below are the links to the complete Q & A sessions:

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Who do you think are some of the possible breakout stars in the PAC-12 this year? What team do you think will surprise this season? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks – Pez.


3 Responses to “The Saturday Edge Discusses PAC-12 Football”

  1. GoSooners GoSooners says:

    USC’s recruiting in your conference continues to amaze me. I swear, the NCAA could limit them to 8 schollies, and USC would still pick up the #1 QB, #1 RB and #1 WR without even leaving their backyard. Just insane. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have beaches, smoking hot women and 32 million people to choose from.. Who wouldn’t want to come to that kind of environment? And who would want to leave that enviornment? Never underestimate the beaches! BUT, in my opinion you cannot lose that many schollies like they did, and it not eventually have an impact. They have recruited well, but when you end up with only 55 players on scholarship you won’t have much depth.

    I know probation knocked the crap out of OU when they were last on it. We’ll see how it plays out with the Trojans, but I don’t believe they can lose these schollies and just continue to rock around in the top 5. Something has to give. Although I don’t totally agree, I’ve had a couple pretty smart football people tell me that USC will be the overrated team of the year by the time the season is over. I’ll reserve judgement.

  2. Conan says:

    Just one question Pez and GoSooners… some of that sounded vaguely familiar… like maybe I was talking in my sleep… perhaps posting random thoughts between surfing sessions as I pursue my lifelong quest for the perfect rack of female hooters.

    I am of course referring to the comments above.

    Surely Jeff Tuel will be seen setting the field on fire at Martin Stadium with a faint red-raider glow to it. That kid is one hellah talent. Just don’t give ALL the credit to Mike Leach even though it’s fair to expect MORE from the Crimson and Gray because after all, Mike is Mike. Give him a few years and Leach will be showing off his own version of the “Mike swoosh.”

    We did discuss Stanford being one solidly built organization with one of the best recruiting seasons in its history under its belt as it heads into ’12. So why did they drop in the early polls 11 spots to land ranked at #15 on the board?

    I’ll tell you why. Because BULL SH*T HAPPENS. What exactly has the same flavor of speculation gotten the prognosticators who predicted the demise of Stanford in recent years? It’s gotten them plenty of dullness, glib speech, foolish looking facial expressions and MAYBE loss of a few reputation points

    or now they are more popular than ever !!

    Consequently,that invites a lot of approval for feelgood sake and plenty of well-wishers’ slap on the back and good luck perhaps just for the sake of not living a losers life all the time.

    Plenty of BOL’s and sympathy from

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen, THE BEST PAC-12 handicapper on the planet, Conan. This guy hit over 70% last year on his PAC-12/West Coast games and in the many years I have known him (on the Internet), he is consistently in the 60 percentile.

      What’s up Conan? Great to have you stop by. I can’t imagine there is a single word or thought concerning the PAC-12 that you haven’t already considered or dreamed about. HA!

      You have your own personal PAC-12 podium waiting for you here at The Saturday Edge so you can muse at your leisure about all things West Coast. And that definitely includes the “perfect rack of female hooters.”

      GoSooners and I look forward to your unique perspectives on college football handicapping. Thanks for stopping by and talk with you soon – Pez.

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