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TSE’s Top 10 College Football Preseason Betting Resources

TSE’s Top 10 College Football Preseason Betting Resources

The Saturday Edge has compiled a great list of college football betting resources to help prepare you for the upcoming season. With spring practice having come to a conclusion throughout the country, college football now enters the dog days of summer.  Over the next few months the college football news slows down to a snails pace. However, as a serious college football handicapper this is when we roll-up our sleeves and really get to work evaluating teams, players and positions.


College Football Preseason Betting Resources

Several weeks ago I made a list of the Top Ten Favorite college football betting resources that I like to use during the season to find information to help me cap games.

This week, since we have now definitely entered preseason preparation mode, I will share with you some great sites that I use that will help prepare you for the upcoming season. Some I have been using for years, and a few are recently discovered.

Georgia TDAs I explained in my college football betting resources guide, there are a ton of great college football betting resources, blogs and sites out there with some really good information. Some sites look at college football from a unique perspective, others add humor, cultural aspects, etc.

But what I like to look for at this time of year are college football betting resources and sites that best help prepare you for the upcoming season by offering detailed team previews with player and position analysis, detailed depth charts and projected breakout players.

The following is a good list of general sites that provide some really good betting resources, information and analysis. I also recommend some of the specific team sites. Several months ago I began compiling a complete list of college football betting resources and information sites that contains a great majority of these team (and conference) specific sites. This project is still ongoing, however, as we progress towards kickoff I will start sharing them with you.




College Football News

College Football News

College Football News – When it comes to preseason college football team previews, College Football News is the bible. No one has a more detailed breakdown and analysis of conferences and teams then College Football News does.

NationalChamps.Net –  I started using this site about 10 years ago and they still do a good job of breaking down teams, returning starters, player and positional analysis, etc. Currently they have their Early Bird Preview of the Top 25. The more detailed analysis start to appear over the summer.

College Football Zealots –  I discovered this site about a month ago and I really like it. They have good team previews with information and analysis from beat writers who are familiar with the team. Conference Round Tables (which The Saturday Edge has participated in), conference capsules and a lot of other informative articles.

Phil Steele 2012 Northwest Magazine Cover

Phil Steele 2012

Presnap Read – Another site I discovered a little over a month ago. This site is well written and the team reviews are detailed and informative.

SB Nation – Their team previews are written by Bill Connelly, who I like from his Varsity Numbers column at Football Outsiders.

Phil Steele’s Blog – Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Phil Steele when it comes to preseason preparation. NO ONE has a better preseason magazine. I believe the magazine is projected to go on sale June 5th this year. In the meantime you can browse Phil’s blog. It contains some good tidbits of information, including his list of returning starters for each team.


General Information

There are numerous sites available to keep abreast of all the offseason news. However, I am still partial to ESPN and Rivals. The ESPN conference specific blogs have a wealth of team and player information.



Coaching Search – GoSooners turned me on to this site. It contains some really good “tidbits” of information from various coaches from around the country. You will definitely pick up some “inside” insight on specific teams, players and position groups.

Bruce Feldman – I’ve loved Feldman’s Friday mailbag since his ESPN days. It’s always insightful and contains some good information.



The Saturday Edge Logo

@saturdayedge on Twitter

I’ll toss in Twitter as a bonus resource. I just recently discovered Twitter and I am starting to like it. You can follow all the breaking news from the sites I mentioned above as well as any of your other favorite college football betting resources.

To make it easy, you can follow The Saturday Edge on Twitter @saturdayedge. At this moment we have a pretty good combo of college football info sites and sports betting resources.

OK, so there it is. Ten of the best college football preseason betting resources to look at and use when you are preparing for the upcoming season. With so many great sites out there it was tough getting this down to 10. I am sure there are some worthy sites that I am not even aware of.

What are some of your favorite sites that you look at for preseason college football information? Let me know what sites we should consider for this list? Thanks – Pez.


4 Responses to “TSE’s Top 10 College Football Preseason Betting Resources”

  1. jimmyd says:

    I’ve used CFN, Steele & PreSnap for a number of years. The New York Times uses presnapread as its exclusive preseason prognosticator.

    Good info on this site. Keep up the good work gentlemen.


  2. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    jimmyd, thanks for the comment and compliment. I’ve always used CFN and Steele, but didn’t discover PreSnap until a few months ago. He has some really good info.

    Please sign up for our newsletter and let me know what you think of the betting tips. I’d love to get your opinion and comments about it.

    Thx again,


  3. SoonerBS says:

    Those are some great sources, pezgordo, and you mentioned a couple I was not even familiar with myself. Thanks for the info!

    Here is one that I love to look at especially with the “Spring Stats” that he gives which he has up now:

    You mentioned ESPN and I would add that it is essential to have an “ESPN Insider” subscription so you can view the info submitted on that site (Blue Ribbon Yearbook Articles and ESPN College Football Rumors).

    You can also find some good gambling articles on Vegas Insider

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      SoonerBS, great to see you here. Thanks for the comments and the additional resource suggestions.

      The Keepers Football appears to have some good info. I had not seen this site before you mentioned it.

      You are also correct about “ESPN Insider.” I’ve had a subscription for several years and I believe the new subscriptions are even less expensive now (something like $2.50 per month).

      Thanks again for the info. Looking forward to exchanging info and ideas with you throughout the season.


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