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PAC 12 Football Conference Odds: Oregon favored to win

PAC 12 Football Conference Odds: Oregon favored to win released Pac 12 football conference odds over the weekend, and Oregon is listed at +150 to win the conference championship, followed by USC at+250, Stanford and Arizona are both +500.

Pac 12 Divisional odds were also released with Oregon favored to win the North at even money (+100) over Stanford who is +250. USC is favored to win the South at +150 over Arizona (+175) and UCLA (+250).


Oregon +150
Southern Cal +250
Arizona +500
Stanford +500
UCLA +800
Oregon State +1200
Washington +1200
Arizona State +1500
California +3000
Utah +3000
Washington State +5000
Colorado +5000

The biggest surprise to me was Arizona at 5 to 1, favored ahead of UCLA (8 to 1) and Arizona State (15 to 1). The Cats were destroyed 66-10 by UCLA last year and lost to ASU 41-34 in Tucson. They had one of the PAC 12’s worst defenses in 2012 and lose QB Matt Scott (graduation) and WR Austin Hill (ACL).

Whereas Arizona State returns 8 starters to a good defense, including PAC 12 defensive POY Will Sutton, and they also return potential All-conference QB Taylor Kelly. Arizona State at 15-1 has a lot more value than Arizona at 5-1.

In addition, the Pac 12 South looks wide open and any of the first four teams listed could win the division . Oregon and Stanford are the two best teams in the North. So getting UCLA +800 and Arizona State +1500 to play in the Conference Championship game and therefore have a chance to win the Pac 12 title would seem to have more value than either Oregon State or Washington (both at +1200).


Oregon +100
Stanford +250
Washington +300
Oregon State +500
California +1200
Washington State +1200


Southern Cal +150
Arizona +175
UCLA +250
Arizona State +500
Utah +1200
Colorado +1500



10 Responses to “PAC 12 Football Conference Odds: Oregon favored to win”

  1. Seth says:

    UCLA and Stanford at +250 seem like solid value.

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Agree, especially Stanford. They get Oregon at home and the winner of that game figures to win the North and be the favorite in the Championship game.

      I know I am an ASU homer, but from a value perspective, Devils seem to have the most value in the South. Any of those 4 teams could win it IMO, so why not take a shot on the team w/ the best D of the four, who has a potential all-conference QB and the longest odds at 5-1?

      Just don’t understand why Arizona is +175 to win the South and ASU is +500.

      • Seth says:

        As a USC fan, I don’t get why USC is +250 to win the Pac-12. Yes, they avoid Oregon but they have to play on the road at Oregon State, and last time I checked, have Lane Kiffin at the helm. Add in an awful defensive secondary and a new qb and I see them struggling this year. Another year of overinflated spreads or will the market adjust?

    • cfn_ms says:

      Don’t agree with either. UCLA at 250 means you think they have at least a 1/3.5 (or about 28%) shot at the league. Assuming the CCG is a tossup (very generous given the North competition, that means you’re assuming better than a 50% chance at the division in what looks to the naked eye like a four-way race without any particular clear front-runners.

      For Stanford, I just think they’re in for a bigger struggle than most project them at. I have them power rated fairly similarly to Oregon State and Washington, much below where I have the DUcks.

  2. Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

    I understand where they are coming from making USC +250 to win the PAC-12. If they win the South they’d only have to “upset” either Stanford or Oregon, most likely on the road, to win the conference. And anything can happen in one game.

    +250 is the equivalent of +7.5 and last year Stanford was -8.5 against UCLA.

    • Seth says:

      Good points, but I am very bearish on Kiffin.

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Yeah I am not a big Kiffin fan either. Just amazes me how that guy got to be head coach at two of the most storied college football programs in the country with almost no head coaching experience (and the experience he did have was negative).

    • cfn_ms says:

      USC would still have to win the division for that bet to work though. +150 to win the division and +250 for the league means you’re assuming they’d be FAVORITES in the CCG.

      If you bet $100 on USC to win division, you’d then have $250 if that happened. rolling it over to win league would mean risking $250 to win another $100, which is horrific odds for a CCG.

      If you’re high at all on USC, you’d take the division odds. If they make the CCG there’s almost no way they could be more than -150 favorites, which means you could still end up with a better payout than if you bet them to take the league at +250. Heck, if it was -150 on the CCG (and that’s almost a worst case), you could pocket your initial $100, put your division winnings ($150) on the CCG, and then either you’d get the same payout as the +250 league odds or you’d lose the CCG but still get your original money back.


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